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  • Enter Miru Kim I was browsing through Busan Haps when I noticed...

    Enter Miru Kim

    I was browsing through Busan Haps when I noticed an article on Miru Kim and her controversial work. I didn’t read what she’s really all about (yet), but what got me interested was her portfolio. It’s these kind of images— random— that incites my imagination and creativity and makes me want to become a better photographer. 

  • Riverpark in Hwamyeong Dong



    I visited North District, Busan last week and found a wonderful little river park. I particularly like the natural setting in this picture framed by the clear evidence of the city around it.

    The water looked clear and clean and I guess it could come from the mountain in the background so maybe it is.  Hmm, by the reasoning I just used here, this river winding through a city may be cleaner than one going through farmland.

    The bird below was very close to some middle school girls and I thought for a long time that it was a statue.  Then a girl threw stones at it and it flew away, only to return to the same spot.

  • Apparently successful ‘sharing bicycle system’ in Changwon

    I was in Changwon on the weekend and noticed many people on similar bikes.  Changwon has its own ‘sharing bicycle system’ -my previous article article here- and it is doing well.

    In my previous post on bike-sharing systems, I suggested that Busan would not be a good place for one due to its steep mountain slopes (I was corrected in the comments and learned that Haeundae, at least, has one).  Changwon is a lot flatter but almost too spread out to be a good place for bike-commuting.

  • 4th of July  I’m black. They never let me forget...

    4th of July 

    I’m black. They never let me forget it.

    I’m black alright. I’ll never let them forget it - Jack Johnson

  • Dear Korea #028

    Dear Korea #028

    I think this is more of a personal experience for me, if anything. Needless to say, it’s not surprising why my mother didn’t tell me the whole truth when it came to making me eat the stuff.

    If you haven’t tried sundae (순대) yet, I highly recommend it. I know some people are put off by the whole idea of “blood sausage” (I know I was when I found out), but if you forget that fact and just try it, you may like it.

  • The first Ballin’ in Busan charity basketball tournament took...

    The first Ballin’ in Busan charity basketball tournament took place on Saturday June 25, 2011 in Dadaepo middle school in Busan, South Korea. It was raining heavily, but it didn’t stop me or the 13 teams that competed. Originally, the tournament was supposed to be held at Pusan National University, but because of the rain we had no choice but to play indoors. The teams were mostly comprised of Busanites, but there were a couple that were from Incheon, Andong and Ulsan, respectively. Together we were able to raise W220,000 for BAPS (Busan Abandoned Pets Sanctuary Fundraiser).

  • Our Daughter's Birth

    Our little one is just over a month old now. She's with her mother in Busan, and I'm heading down there every second weekend to visit. The past month has been a rainstorm of activity with KTX bookings, diaper changes and all manner of things in between.
    Things are going fine now, with a lot of support received from friends and family. Heather is seeming comfortable and is an excellent mother. The birth itself though, was a stressful event.
    This is the story of how it all happened.
    We entered the Areum Women's Hospital on Monday the 23rd of May at 10pm. The ETA was actually May 20th, but we wanted to wait for a natural birth if possible. By that time our little one was already a menacing 3.6kg, a big baby for a small mother. Taller mothers tend to have easier births, so say the midwives. The head of our daughter was 10cm wide, considered a large lump to pass. Bigger is not always better, in the world of births.

  • Patbingsu Quest: Homil Hodu Cafe

    The quest continues for this summer's really amazing patbingsu. I am bringing you another one from my neighborhood. This time from an unlikely place, a cafe that sells walnut pies and treats. I like hodu pies but usually in the winter time or around Thanskgiving, as they remind me of back home. When I saw the patbingsu picture on dispaly I figured why not give it a try.

  • Itaewon freedom!

    Haters gonna hate, but over the course of 11 months, I have grown quite fond of this magical place that has real cheese, hummus and other cherished items from home. Only a short subway ride and you arrive in a place with actual diversity, English speaking Starbucks baristas and "big sizes" for all!  I am not, however, a fan of the late nights there, a bit TOO different for this Korean acclimated drinker, but during the daytime I enjoy strolling along the crowded, ethnic streets, people watching to my hearts desire ( it is a prime spot for my psychology major hobby.) Itaewon gets a bad rap for some foreigners in Korea, for others, it is the only place they can imagine going, for me, the old phrase "it's a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there" comes to mind.

  • The Honey Pot

    In my mind the angry husband eventually accused his wife of caring more about her plants than she did about him, and this is the reason he chose to start dropping them, one by one, out of the window into the car park ten floors below.

    As heavy ceramic pots of the sort favoured for Korean balconies, complete with large exotic plants, surreally dropped down the side of our apartment building, the ageing building janitor was called in to negotiate for the safety of the remaining foliage, even if the marriage at this point was beyond saving.

    It’s not always a given that people are going to listen to their elders in this country any more, but thirty minutes later, the man was sheepishly picking up shattered ceramic fragments and traumatised plants amongst the thin layer of earth that now covered part of our apartment block's car park.

  • Nude Korean Artist Creates a Stir

    From Busan Haps

    Miru Kim has been working with various photographers around the world in a project that features her posing nude in urban areas. Turkish papers reported that she was arrested during a project in Istanbul, which was financed by Samsung Turkey. 

  • stop and take time to think

    Hey sorry for the dry spell; I've been living high and dry without daily access to the internet. Which is better for me than I take granted, I suppose.

    Just came back from the annual antique car show they hold across the street! Super fun! I've set a goal for myself to one day purchase and refurbish a 60s convertible. Great place to start learning. Just wish it didn't make me feel so... Republican. I dunno, just a vibe I picked up on there. Then again, I was walking around a church parking lot. Gotta leave the judgy judge boots at home.

    OH! But hey now I've reached a point in life where it makes me feel awkward as all hell when young teenagers hit on me! Woah! In my mind I'm just thinking, "Oh dear, I am nearing my late twenties, what do you think you are doing. Do you need help with your letterman's jacket fundraising or something?"

  • Win Tickets to the L.A. Premiere of ‘Kimchi Chronicles’!

  • This is how I find peace. This is a ride to the Han River.

    The ride to the Han River is just long enough to feel I'm going somewhere, but short enough to do after a days work. I can't quite pinpoint the reason, but whenever I'm on the trail, I feel as though I'm part of a special community separate from those within the limits of the surrounding cities.

    Here, I can think, I can remind myself of priorities, and I can feel free of all obligations.

    The Han River itself reminds me of Portland's Willamette River. It's not clean to say the least, but still has a magical quality about it that makes you want to stare forever. Its numerous giant bridges each have their own unique qualities, but still relate in possessing the ability to make all underneath feel like tiny little ants.

  • Poll results for June 2011: vacation plans and exciting aspects?

    Poll results for June 2011:

    Where are you going for summer vacation? (readers in Korea – select as many as apply)

    I’m going to travel around Korea! (35%, 57 Votes)
    Summer vacation? Um, none for me… :( (26%, 42 Votes)
    I’m going back to my home country! (20%, 32 Votes)
    I’m going somewhere in Asia! (15%, 24 Votes)
    I’m going somewhere else in the world! (11%, 18 Votes)
    I’m going to travel to Thailand! (9%, 14 Votes)
    I’m going to travel to China! (6%, 9 Votes)
    I’m going to travel to Japan! (4%, 6 Votes)

    Total Voters: 163

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