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  • Joseph Jeong Leaves Korea

    Right before I left to Busan last Friday, I dropped in on Joseph's farewell party. He's off to do his MBA at the University of Chicago and is one of the sorts of people that you always have on your backyard barbecue invitation list. To fit such a criteria, one needs to be mildly knowledgable about cooking, have a reputation for good behaviour when drunk and have interesting things to say and know when to say them.

  • Xian Part 2

    Check this out: Quails eggs cooked on skewers in a takoyaki style grill rolled in chilli sauce then dusted with chilli powder and cumin.

    Spicy, luxurious, and completely unlike anything I've ever eaten before.

  • Xian Part 1

    We've just spent a few days in Xian, a historic city that most tourists use as a launching pad to see the terracotta warriors. As one of the only cities in China to retain its city walls, Xian maintains an ancient feel to it, and I got the distinct impression I was entering the heart of China.
    It was in the city's Muslim quarter however that my senses really got to work. These busy, tightly packed streets sizzled and steamed with street food energy, making a meandering graze the only option really available.

  • Thoughts on Meung Seung

    Today we leave Luang Nam Tha and head to the commercial and political hub of northern Laos, Udomxai. We'll spend a night there and make our way to the lovely environs of Luang Prabang tomorrow.

    Yesterday was spent on motorbikes. We cruised from here to the town of Mueng Seung, through the Nam Tha Protected Area - a swath of moutains and virgin jungle. It was some of the cooleset country I've biked through, with fast flowing rivers and traditional villages perched on muddy hillsides. At one point we were stopped on the side of the road and were approached by some local hill women. One of them held out her hand and asked Sir David for money. He obliges by giving her a 1,000 Korean won note. Cruelty? Novelty? She was utter befuddled, and for a moment it looked like her head may indeed explode.

  • BYOM

    Just another Thursday night of....

    ......ping pong .........

    ......Family Mart drinking ......

    ..... pole dancing .....

  • Night Shopping

    10 May 2009, Lights over a pedestrian street.

  • Hiking Around 김해시

    9 May 2009, I get out to hike around 김해시 Gimhae.


  • 진해시

    11 Jul 2009, I take a short trip to see the small near-by city of 진해 Jinhae.



    3.5 lbs pork neck bones 돼지 목뼈 (you can get it from Korean or Chinese market)
    6 potatoes 감자 (peeled, cut in quarters)
    2 onions 양파 (sliced)
    3 tablespoons of garlic 다진 마늘 (chopped)
    3 tablespoons of ginger 다진 생강 (chopped)
    1 tablespoon of soy bean paste (korean style) 된장
    6 tablespoons of red chili pepper flakes 고추가루 (korean style)
    1 bunch of green onions 파 (chopped)
    1-2 table spoon of salt 소금 (if you are using sea salt 굵은 소금, the amount will be different)
    11 cups of water
    black pepper 후추

    OPTIONAL: kimchi or Korean baby cabbage (blanch before using it) (애배추)


    1. Soak pork bones in cold water for 1 hour.
    2. Rinse quickly and boil the bones in fresh water.
    3. Once it's come to a boil, throw out all the water and wash the bones thoroughly.
    4. Boil the bones with 11 cups of fresh water and boil

  • In Laos

    We crossed into Laos today, and are now in the town of Luang Na Thang. The computer connection is beyond glacial, but such is the pace of things in these here parts. Tomorrow we'll do some motorbiking, and then make our way south after a day or two of exploring.

    Despite a similiarity of countryside, the difference between China and here is stark. It's as if the 45 is now playing at 33.


  • I Am a Fat Expat. Hear Me Chew.

    Where a torn hoodie, faded jeans, massive white tennis shoes, and barely brushed hair still manages to elicit compliments, why bother?

    I did my hair last week for a birthday party. This was boring; I don't intend on making a habit of it. One of my coworkers, who I have known for about a year and a half, remarked that when he knew me last year, I always looked nice like this. What happened? "Oh, I just stopped trying", I responded. He was perplexed, not quite understanding what I meant by that. Further explanation was required.


    This is a for anyone who's tried to contact me via facebook. It's blocked in China so I haven't been able to access it or respond to any messages. I'll be in Laos later tonight so I should be able to access it there.


    As part of my general Yunnan travel craziness, I, along with my group of scumbag compatriots, went on a three-day jungle/hill tribe trek into the hinterlands of Xishuangbanna. We hiked, swam, drank, and ate steamed bees. I'll do a detailed travelogue of this trip in the near future, but for now you can check out these pics:


    Lock up your daughters and your livestock.


    It was muthafuckin' GREEN out there.


    I recently went on a three-day trek into the hills of the Xishaungbanna region of Yunnan. Our first stop was a crazy market in the town of Menghai. I've been in Asia for five years now and have seen A LOT of markets, but this one may be the most impressive, in terms of variety, color, and the exotic.


    Minority hill tribe woman with disturbing overbite, 17 years old. They age quickly in the hills.


    Orange clad girls.

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