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  • I Dream of Korea

    In a former life, I was a 26-year-old late bloomer who never lived away from home, save the two years I was in the college dorm bubble at Alfred University. I slept in the same room since I was 10, writing for a weekly newspaper, coasting.

    And then, I was living in South Korea.

    It was almost four years ago. Two years out of college and still the idea of teaching English in South Korea was firmly in my head. It had began with a post on the college's job forum I read one day during Magazine Writing, which involved little to no writing because our professor did little to no actual teaching.

    "See the world! Learn a new culture! Get paid!"

    Or something like that. I had always envied those who got the opportunity to travel cross-country or across Europe, while I always felt that was out of reach because I was thousands of dollars in debt from credit card bills, and over $10,000 in debt from student loans. All that travel would have to wait.


    Apparantly there were serious riots in Urumqi, China, yesterday, a city in the western province of Xianjiang. They say the death toll is at least 120 people, with hundreds more injured. I spent some time in Urumqi last summer during my travels, and am not terribly suprised, since the local Uighur Muslim population chafes under the domination of the Han Chinese, who make up a majority in this regional capital. Word has it that the riots may be spreading to Kashgar as well, the site of an attack during last year's Olympics that killed 16 security personel.

    It's probably for the best that I've decided to avoid Western China and Central Asia this summer, going south instead.

  • South Korea Trip - Geoje Island 거제도

    Alright you can check out the video of my trip from Busan to Geoje in South Korea. The trip in total was 160 kms. I rode the #2 highway out of Busan to Yongwon to catch the ferry to Geoje. On the trip I checked out a theme museum, POW war camp and a botanical garden. With the footage I shot of the POW museum, I tried the catch the vibe there. I expected a war camp museum to be a little more serious. The idea of the squating part came from watcing many people get up there and take funny pictures.

  • "I got it! I got it! I got it!...."

    Proximal interphalangeal joint fracture-dislocation of the right index finger. Occurred during attempted catch of foul ball at Lotte Giant's game Sunday, July 5th. Will likely require surgery.

  • The Happy Trekker

    We got up early this Saturday to meet some friends for a hike up and over Geumgang from Beomosa. Prior to this I had been going up the cable car and hiking from there so I was a little apprehensive but my condition throughout the day was good and my endurance was actually kind of surprising.


    I've actually had this beer a few times before, and it's not that bad.

    Ahhhh... 시원 해요!

  • That Is What Dance Floors Are Made Of

    Good bye Bu!
    Hello Gu!

  • The Amish, Microwaved Plastic and Me

    If farmers had access to Styrofoam, plastic containers and microwaves for them to put said plastic containers in, they would have used them and been happier for it. Until the leaching from the plastic containers poisoned their eggs and the family dog choked on a piece of their takeaway box.

    Today, I took a trip with Dad and Rose, his girlfriend, to the Columbus Farmers Market, in Burlington County, while the house was being bug bombed. As we left Hamilton, and Mercer County behind, Route 206 opened up into what likely existed along many New Jersey roads 40, 30, even 10 years ago. Lots of corn, old motels, open land, fewer cars cutting you off on the highway and not having the courtesy to at least use a turn signal. It's a lovely drive; I highly recommend it.


    Well, it's a better year to be an American, with Obama and all. Bush certainly felt like an anvil strapped to my shoulders - I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    Whatever the case, to my fellow Yankee Doodles: Enjoy the Fourth. I certainly will. I'm celebrating by going to a baseball game and doing a comedy show. I may even eat some roasted cuttlefish.

    Here's a great American band doing a great song:

  • Street Foodie Domesticated!: Rotiserrie Chicken Salad.

    Every Wednesday evening a guy sells rotisserie chickens out the back of a van outside our apartment complex. Despite a recent jump in price from 5000 to 6000 won, these little babies are exceptionally good value and I always find it hard to resist bagging one on the way back from school (it helps that Wednesday is my worst day for classes.)


  • Girls Will Have Their Trinkets

    Another toy camera .. first roll ... don't judge!

    She knows a thing or two about snapping a good photo.


    For those of you in the area, let me plug the two comedy shows I'm taking part in this weekend:

    Friday, July 3rd, at VINYL UNDERGROUND in Busan.
    Saturday, July 4th, at TANDOORI BAR out in Gimhae.

    Real live standup comedians.


    BRIAN AYLWARD (Newfoundland, Canada)
    *Winner of the 2008 Hong Kong International Comedy Festival

    ROSS GARDINER (Glasgow, Scotland)

    *Appearing at this year's Edinburgh Festival

    ME, SHOWBIZ MCTHARPY (Seattle, baby!)

    *Infamous agitator, blogger, rock and roller, fisherman, and provocateur.

    Hosted by ROY EARLY

    Both shows start at 10:30 (ish)

  • Seoul Food

    46,300 websites may have used the above semi-pun in some shape or form before me, but given the subject matter and my own penchant for corny tricks of the English language, I really couldn’t title this post anything else.

    As you may have guessed, I just spent the weekend in Seoul, where despite eating two zinger burgers in one day, I also managed to get a taste of some of the street food.

    Shortly after arriving we discovered our camera was missing – either left on the KTX or nabbed at Seoul Station – so forgive the shaky details and lack of accompanying photos!


    We'll always have Montreal.
    We'll always have Kingston.

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