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  • Boseong, Yulpo Beach - Yulpo Haesu Nokcha Tang

    This one is a little secret on the coast just south of Boseong. If you want to see some green in Korea, you must visit the green tea fields (녹차밭) near Boseong. Then you can take the same city bus farther south to Yulpo beach. The beach was on the small side, a bit grey and full of shells. Maybe not so good for swimming, but then again, I was there last weekend - before bikini season had begun.

  • My Hoe: Raw fish at Jagalchi Fish Market.

    I realize that this post kind of stretches the parameters of what might be considered street food, but in my defence when I started this thing I always thought I’d include markets and hawker centres in my range. Also, after eating the stuff I just couldn’t help myself!

  • A month of soondaes: Kimchi

    I recently posted about Soondae, the Korean blood sausage that is a staple of street food stalls right across the country. Then I found it to be a good addition to the genre and definitely worth trying, but a little too jelly-like in consistency to have me running back for more.

    I thought that was it for soondae, until that is I discovered these boys selling out the back of a van by our apartment.

  • Kraze Burger Review on A Hamburger Today!

    I recently wrote a review of Kraze Burger that the folks at A Hamburger Today were good enough to put on their site. Many thanks to Robyn (the girl who ate everything) for lowering her editorial standards and being so helpful!

  • Daejeon, Seodaejeon (Moonhwa 1 Dong) - Sinchon Sauna

    This one is tough. I'll be visiting it soon, so more details are yet to come. I scoured the internet, only to find brief references to this place with no real info given. For now, I'll post a map and you can head over to check it out yourself.

    I can tell you that via word-of-mouth, I hear this place is decent, and my boss goes there rather often since it's near our school. The building looks big, but I'm not sure how much is occupied by the sauna. Anyway, like I said - more to come soon :)

    So, I went there on Thursday evening. Had the place to myself, (save for a few old ladies and two other people in the jjimjilbang!) and just spent enough time to check it out. I'll be going back though.

  • Pork Skewers: Today wasn't a good day.

    To paraphrase Ice Cube, today wasn’t a good day.

    My troubles started when I when I went to see the Doctor to inquire about vaccinations for my upcoming trip to South East Asia as I’m short a Hepatitis B and Japanese Encephalitis jab. Despite assuring him I’d never had any sort of Hep B vaccination, the good Dr nevertheless insisted I have a Hep B blood test, to the tune of 10,000 won.

  • San Nakji: Tying Up Some Loose Ends

    I’ve wanted to try San Nakji (live baby octopus) ever since I first heard about it, some six months before touching down in Korea. When I finally got here, I made a few attempts to search out and consume this alien delicacy, but price and scarcity defeated me too easily and I climbed up onto my laurels and rested awhile. Luckily, however, neither were an issue last weekend as a trip to Geoje Island presented the perfect opportunity to get my gums moving.

  • South Korea Trip - Ulsan 울산

    Alright you can check out the video of my trip from Busan to Ulsan in South Korea. The trip in total was 180 kms. I rode the #31 highway out of Busan and the #35 back to Busan. On the trip I checked out a bamboo forest, underground cave and rode a ATV. On the travels I definitely see some strange things. Sometimes I can't really describe things other then WTF?????

  • Daejeon, Manyeon Dong - Dongbangsak Leports

    *The homepage needs to be opened with IE, firefox doesn't seem to support the graphics. When you open it, then click on "메인으로 들어가기" on the right side.

    This place is great. It's the biggest jjimjilbang in Daejeon, and not only that - it's one of the loveliest!
    Though not exceedingly easy to find at first, it's totally worth the search. If you get the bus towards the Primus cinema, then walk up the road (north-south running Daedeok Dae Ro - 대덕대로) to the very big, very noticeable modern church on the east side of that road (north of Primus cinema, south of the KBS Tower). Turn in at the S-Oil station, putting Chowon Apart. #110 behind you, and walk east for 2 minutes. You'll see the large building on the left side just ahead.

  • Daegu, Yongsan Dong - Samjeong Oasis

    This is a place I know my friends have gone to. I need more info about it because I only went there once myself (ages ago), though I did walk by it everyday! I was told that this place has a nicer sauna area than Hwang-so in neighboring Seongseo. Go find out, and report back. ^^

    Yongsan Dong Bup-jo Building Samjeong Oasis
    대구 달서구 용산동 230-21
    Daegu, Dalseo Gu, Yongsan Dong 230-21

    Wikimap of Samjeong Oasis

  • Daegu, Seongseo (Igok-dong) - Hwang-So 25 Hour Sauna

    Hwang-so means "bull" or "ox" in English. When I moved to Sungseo, this was the first sauna I managed to find in my new area. Thank god, because I finally discovered how great it is to get a body scrub! As usual, some of the scrubbers are better than others, but I liked this place in general.

    The wet area is basic, with a few different temperature tubs, cold bath, a couple sauna rooms, and a nice wooden bathtub. There's almost always a lot of children in this busy sauna (women's side anyway). Upstairs, the co-ed dry areas are pretty nice. There's a decently-sized free fitness center for use only by jjimjilbang-goers, a good Korean food restaurant, and one large central room with a TV. All of the hot or cool rooms are located just off the central area, and many of them have their own TVs, which makes them a bit loud. I would NOT recommend this place for day-time naps unless you're not bothered by noise.

  • Itaewon and Seoul Food

    Korea is an interesting contrast of socially conservative yet technologically liberal viewpoints. On the one hand you'll have a rigid social hierarchy and the encouragement of submission to elders, and on the other hand you have Aegis-equipped destroyers and 90% of the population owning a mobile phone. But I guess a land of contrasts is always going to be more interesting than a land where everything makes perfect sense.

  • A Status Report

    As you know I have tried in this blog to be upbeat and to accentuate the positive aspects of this experience. That may be why I haven't written in a while.

    My tenure at KidsClub had been difficult from the beginning. There were many reasons for this, some of them my fault, some of them not. Long story short, I have moved on. After a bit of soul-searching I decided to try again in a better school and, putting to use the hard-won lessons I have learned, make a fresh start. After a few stressful weeks I found a new job with a new apartment, both of them much, much better than what I had before. One of my problems with the previous place was that they required so much administrative work that there was little time to do anything else. In my new job I go to work, teach, and go home. It is wonderful. I have signed on for another year and it is my intention to come home for a week around Thanksgiving.

  • Keeping my Tempura

    Next month we have open classes in our Hagwon. What this means is that for five weeks we must practice the same class over and over again with our designated students, culminating in a display of the kids’ educational prowess in front of their mothers in June. The whole practice is a complete waste of time and unfortunately pretty indicative of the Hagwon system as a whole. Education comes far down the list after money, appearances, and more money again.

  • Seoul, Seoul National University, Bong-cheon Dong - Cheong Ryong Sauna

    The Cheong Ryong sauna is very close to the Seoul National University subway stop on Line 2 (지하철2호선, 서울대입구). Take exit 3, walk straight to the first major intersection, which is a 3-way. Then take a right (in front of the 관악구청/Gwanak Gu chung-office). Walk another 5-8 minutes and you'll see the sauna on your left. It is marked with a blue sign that reads "청룡 24시 불한증막 사우나."

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