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  • Korean Gender Reader

    ( Source: Ningin) 1) If You’ve Got it, Flaunt it? The Potential Mainstreaming of Assertive Female Sexuality in Korea As the live performance below demonstrates, even sans the sex scene of the music video, the dance routine for the Brown Eyed Girls’ (브라운아이드걸스) Abracadabra (아브라카다브라) remains compelling viewing. Spoken from the perspective of a heterosexual male of [...]

  • Busan Haps Memories of Murder Review

    I wrote a review of “Memories of Murder” (2003) for the new foreigner magazine “Busan Haps.” Here’s a link to the article:


    The hard-copy version of this magazine is available for free in most of the bars, travel agents, and restaurants in Busan that cater to foreigners.

  • [Two] The Song of the Day

    The Song of the Day

    I was thinking about what I wanted to write for my first real blog entry. I was suffering from a writer's block, until after watching one of my weekly Korean TV shows. Right after the show ended, I just knew that this is what I wanted to write about.

    One of the ways I want to show Korea is through explaining how I see it in my everyday natural life.

  • Memories is a Cinematic Experience You Won’t Forget

    Memories of Murder


    Directed by: Bong Joon-Ho

    Starring: Song Kang-Ho, Kim Sang-Kyung, Kim Roe-Ha

    Available for Rent in Video Stores across Korea

    Bong Joon-Ho burst onto the international film scene with his portrayal of South Korea’s first serial killer case, “Memories of Murder” (2003). The film stands out for its brash storytelling devices and visual beauty, making it essential viewing for anyone interested in the new wave of Korean cinema.

  • An Introduction to Chomsongdae


Favorite part of Spring in Korea?: