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  • Question from a reader: your rights and the swine flu

    A reader writes in with a question many teachers have been wondering about: the swine flu and our rights.

    Do you have any idea about what are our rights when it comes to swine flu? Like for example, my friend got sick, and her school made her go to the hospital, where they injected her with multiple things--she has no idea what--and then gave her several unknown drugs to take. A week or so later, she still had a cough, so they made her go back to the hospital, where they gave her Tamiflu, and her school ordered her to take it. I'm not sure how much you know about influenza or Tamiflu.....but that was the most illogical move imaginable. She even got tested for swine flu, and the test says she doesn't have it!

  • Tarantino

    With the exception of Death Proof, I've seen EVERY Quentin Tarantino movie in the theater.  In 1992, my old LA gf, the last white girl I ever dated, took me to see Reservoir Dogs.  My LA pal and I saw Pulp Fiction in 1994 in Century City,  In 1998 while home for vacation from the ROK I saw Jackie Brown with my brother and ex-wife (they snuck in beers, and as is commonly the case when beers are snuck into a movie house, they left early to smoke cigs and drink more.  I abstained and enjoyed).  The first Kill Bill I saw in LA, again on vacation, this time with my 11 year old nephew, their son -- its release coincideded with another vacation in LA from the ROK.  The second Kill Bill I saw in Fukuoka, Japan. 

  • Original Mother-In-Law Diary

    Sometimes I look at the other expats here, living the wild single-guy lifestyles we westerners imagine so unique, edgy, cool. Booze and broads and late-night drunken motor-scooter adventures in our Korean-Western micro-culture here in Busan. Then I wonder if my lot is rather dull. I am not one, as much as I have tried at times, to enjoy the Gonzo, too-cool lifestyle. I‘m married, with two kids, and live with my mother-in-law. I work a hellish schedule, hoping to one day afford economic opportunities for my wife and boys, and of course for me. It‘s dull. I get sick of the brats and mothers, and college class-skippers and crying babies, day in and day out, a seemingly never-ending cycle.

  • The Also Rans (a good name for a punk band?)

    I'm currently going through a bit of a drought at the moment. We're on the island of Ko Chang off Thailand's south coast, and street food's been a little thin on the sand. Instead, I've decided to spotlight some of the street food I've had in the last month or so that for various reasons I've left unreported.

    A banana fritter outside the entrance to a waterfall near Luang Prabang. These bananas are small and almost potato like in texture. They can well withstand the heat o'the fryer and come out tasting savory sweet 'n snacky.

  • Honeymoon: Victoria Peak

    The funny thing about travelling is that you often end up making short-lived acquaintances with local people. Then when you look back on your photos after returning home, you remember some of them and think "Hey yeah, that person was pretty friendly."

    If I ever return to Hong Kong, I'll track down this juice-lady again. Although she only met us briefly, she recognised us when we came on the second day and gave us a broad smile.

  • Benny Benny

    Benny Benny

    Written in some Hawaiian and English

    Benny Benny

    Buddha Belly

    Surfing Nui

    Nani Keiki

    You make you

    Fish white

    Father Hau-oli

    When you hula

    On kahakai



    Benny Benny

    Buddha Belly

    Surfing big

    Beautiful child

    You make your

    Fish white

    Father proud

    When you dance

    On the Beach

  • The Little Disposable That Was

    I bought some disposable cameras when I was in the world's most disgusting Wal-Mart in Mississippi last year and this is the last round of photos to come from those small gems. I've been asked quite a lot recently about what camera I use/recommend and to be honest I don't know anything about cameras. Seriously. That being said, what do I recommend? Buy a junk load of disposables and bring those around with you. People smile a whole lot wider when they see something ridiculous in front of their face.

    Ps. None of these photos had any special treatment.
    And now zeeeeeeee photos ................................

    I badgered my dad into taking me to Mexico in January.
    Sometimes being a stubborn kid pays off.

  • 서울 Seoul

    16 Aug 2009, My second full day in Seoul is spent at another royal Joseon palace, hiking up Namsan, and the joy that is the Lotte Giants playing Korean baseball.

  • Fire and Ice

    I first came here in October 2006, I changed my climate from an already cold England to a pleasantly warm Korea, and greatly enjoyed being able to walk the streets in a t-shirt at a time I might otherwise be bracing myself against a cold Autumn wind. But as October 2009 wore on in Korea this time, there was no respite from the clinging warmth and humidity of a summer that threatened to never let go of its grip.

    There was one cooler day just over a week ago, and on that day the Koreans decided to start wearing long sleeves and coats. It was as though some subliminal command that only Koreans could understand had been broadcast via the television that morning, and they all dressed differently. The temperature was still about 19°C, and I stuck to a t-shirt.

  • What do you usually wear to work? (poll for October 2009)

    What do you usually wear to work?

    Jeans / shorts and t-shirt 25 (17%)
    Khakis and a dress shirt 23 (16%)
    Slacks / skirt and dress shirt 52 (36%)
    Suit and tie / professional business dress 17 (11%)
    Whatever I want - the school doesn't care 26 (18%)

    Votes so far: 143

    Sounds like some professional dressers out there (and yes, I definitely recognize it's all based on one's demographic!)

    Creative Commons License © Chris Backe - 2009

  • Random pictures, part twenty-six

    Plenty more random pictures to go around - all coming at you from Seoul or while traveling around Korea.

    Sounds like a match made in heaven. Seen near Sookmyung Women's University during the recent KOTESOL conference.

    A rather weird body painting scene in Gangnam - taste-testing chocolate, anyone?

  • Happy Greatest Day of the Year!

    I love Halloween because it’s one of those great holidays where you are suppose to be unabashedly selfish. When you were smaller you dressed up as your favourite thing in the whole world and then trick-or-treated your face off to get as much candy as possible. When you get bigger, and if you are anything like me, you jump at any excuse to play dressup with strangers and dance your wings off . Look how much fun it is …..

    halloween 429

  • Desk Set

    When we first came to Busan, we'd bought a couple of small desks for our small one-room apartment, which allowed us enough space for one computer monitor each and a third shared screen to display certain stock market data. This was a big downgrade from the six screens we'd had back in the UK, so now that we were back here to stay, we wanted to get back to having the kind of larger desks which would support more monitors.

  • Korean Movie Review #1: Peppermint Candy (2000)

    Peppermint Candy Korean Movie 3( Source )

    For the fledgling movie reviewer, revealing one’s inexperience with cinema is never a wise move. And adding that this inexperience stems from an at best indifferent, at worst active dislike of the subject? Positively suicidal, at least in terms of becoming known as an authority on it.

  • November 2009 events

    November offers plenty of events, although some of them will shift inside thanks to the weather. Thanks goes to korea4expats.com and Visit Korea, (BONUS: a PDF with many more events!).

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