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by Lauren Bull, CKC Writer

A well-stocked pantry is, in its own right, an essential kitchen tool. With just a few strategically-picked items on hand, you can create dishes on the fly and develop deep flavors in a short amount of time. We've compiled ten of the most essential pantry ingredients for Korean cooking, ones that would work for a seasoned chef or a novice cook. Each is versatile, and each has a long shelf life.

  • NaPoWriMo Day 22: The Word of the Day is Limen

    Where Winds Hit Heavy

  • Haap: Traditional Korean Dessert Cafe in Cheongdam

  • SIM cards and wifi rentals in Japan

    If you’re used to buying SIM cards in Asia in other countries, you’re going to be surprised at the prices in Japan. Like majority of things in Japan, they’re more expensive, but the quality is admittedly great. If you want to rent a SIM card or a mobile wi-fi router in Japan, I’ve had a good experience with SoftBank. It’s recommended to reserve on their website at least a few days before your trip, but I’ve had mild success just randomly visiting their kiosk at the airport.

    You can pick-up and drop-off rentals in different cities, and they have kiosks in several locations.

  • Jindo: Puppies, Pink Cherry Blossoms, and the Parting of the Sea

    cropped-20160409_063036.jpgWe had seen the sea parting once, not knowing it would part two more times again by sundown.  Some of us (self included) were a little worried about getting seasick on the boat out to Modo Island, so instead of braving the sea we actually ended up having a leisurely morning getting ready (after a well-deserved, post-parting nap!) before heading down the cherry-blossom lined paths and street over to the festival.

  • How to Say ‘Friend’ in Korean

    One of the best parts of learning a new language is all the new friends that you can make. Therefore, it’s an excellent idea to know how to say ‘friend’ in Korea! Once you know this word, you will be able to start talking about your friends in Korean.

    Let’s talk about how to say the word ‘friend’ in Korean.

    *Can’t read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 60 minutes!


    The Word ‘Friend’ in Korean

    Friend in Korean

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