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  • How To Say ‘Head’ In Korean

    Early into learning Korean, you may learn the words for eyes, lips, nose, mouth, and even ears in Korean. But do you yet know how to say ‘head’ in Korean? If the answer is ‘no’, this is the lesson for you! Keep reading because today we’ll learn the ways how to say ‘head’ in Korean!

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  • Expats in Korea – Seoulcialites: Matt Lee HOMEBOY Seoul

  • 3 Reasons to Avoid Romanization When Learning Korean

    Are you learning Korean solely through romanization?

    What is romanization? Romanization is writing the Korean alphabet (한글) using English letters. For example, you might write 한글 as "hangul," "han-kul," or a variety of other ways depending on the romanization system. Some resources include romanization as a reference to check that you're pronouncing something correctly, but many learners mistakenly use romanization without ever using the actual alphabet. This can be detrimental to progress in the language, and I wanted to talk about why it can be so harmful through this video.

    Check it out below~!

  • 코스 4-2 (반), 4-3 | Course 4-2 (Part 2), 4-3

    With the weather finally warm enough and the semester finally in swing-enough, I fetched my trusty sling backpack, my sunhat, and loaded up the tunes on my phone. Spring is a time for exploring and I needed to think about something other than work so out I went. Late last fall, I ended up somewhere in Saha district 사하구 on the 4-2 course. I ended up taking a few different buses to get there, but it’s also walkable from the orange line #1 Nat-gae Station 낫개역. I’m not suggesting you go here though unless you want to continue on one of the roughest paths of the trail system. Or maybe if you like to get lost. I found it to be one of those ‘Am I on the right path?’ experiences where the Naver map course and the pink and blue real-life ribbons don’t usually match up.

  • Easy facial at home!

    According to a report in Finance Times written a year ago, South Korea is one of the most polluted country in the world ( Even earlier this year on January 14, 16 & 17 people received warning messages from Korean government about the issue of increased fine dust in the air ( While these pollutants can do plenty of harms, today one particular thing I’m concerned about, which is SKIN! I remember during my 22 days visit in Bangladesh, everyone was complementing how amazing and glowy my skin became! But sadly after returning my skin became really dull, and almost after 6 months I got two giant sized cystic acnes, two painful to even touch! Also suddenly I started getting plenty of white heads and also some black heads.

  • 코스 5-1 | Course 5-1

    Highlights of this course include huge lions, mudflats, and miles of painted walking paths. Lowlights include walking past love motels, gas stations and huge trucks on the way to the highlights. I recommend wearing a mask and maybe some sunglasses when you’re in the less desirable spots. Turn on a great podcast like WorkLife with Adam Grant and the time flies by. I did this on a Friday and there were very few people on the best parts of the trail and it was like a dream. Being in the city, but mostly alone, is one of my ideal situations. The 5-1 Course is the longest I’ve ever walked in one day. It took me over 5 hours, which I split up by having lunch with a friend who works in the area.

  • How To Say ‘Fish’ In Korean

    Some of the most fun vocabulary to learn in languages is what animals, and the sounds they make, are called. Even more fun, or at least convenient and practical, is learning what to call the animals you are accustomed to seeing as food.

    In today’s lesson, we’ll go over how to say ‘fish’ in Korean. Are you ready? Let’s get learning!


    *Ready to learn Korean yet? Click here to learn about our 90 Day Korean learning program!


    ‘Fish’ in Korean

    fish in the sea

  • Korean Language Exchange PROBLEMS | Tips for Language Exchange

    Have any of you tried Korean language exchange? Was it one-on-one, in a classroom, in a group, or online? These days there are a handful of completely different ways to find language exchange, and that's great! But it's not perfect, and there are some things you can do to ensure you have an effective language exchange.

    So let's talk about some of the problems of language exchange, as well as some solutions.


    I met up with SpongeMind TV and MotivateKorean to talk about this.


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