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  • How to Say ‘Boyfriend’ in Korean

    One of the most common questions that people get asked in Korea is ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ This makes learning how to say ‘boyfriend’ in Korean very useful. One of the ways that Koreans often meet their girlfriends or boyfriends is through their friends, so if you want to get a boyfriend, then learning how to say ‘I want a boyfriend.’ is also very useful. To start off with, we should learn the word for ‘boyfriend’ in Korean.

    *Can’t read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 60 minutes!


  • Made my way up to Samgwang Temple (Samgwangsa, 삼광사) on a hot...

    Made my way up to Samgwang Temple (Samgwangs

  • Learning face baking & Tony moly lipstick swatches as a bonus ;)

    So, during summer time, when you go out with your favorite highlighter, how’s the feeling after five minutes of walking? Don’t you feel you are a glowing plastic moving around? -_- Specially if you have sweating problem like me.



    I want to admit a thing, which is I’m a total dumb-ass that I only came to know about the  face baking thing a few days ago. -_- Thanks to google, when you search for a beauty trend, all those lovely beauty blogger and Youtuber will appear to help you out.

    Face baking is basically replacing your highlighter with loose powder. You have to put the powder on your basic highlighting area or sun catching areas with your puff or beauty blender and then swipe off the excess with a large brush after 5-10 minutes.

  • Hipmunk Hotels: Spring Break in Style in Boca Raton, Clearwater Beach, and Daytona Beach

    beach, florida, pier, water, ocean, blue, sky, clouds

    Image via by Marc Chouinard

  • Dear Korea #147

    Dear Korea #147

    This is actually a little late, as half of my friends are already on vacation at the moment. It should also be noted that since I don’t work as a teacher, I don’t really get the usual stretches of vacation. Considering how hot it is outside, I honestly don’t mind. As long as I’m near […]

  • One Night in Bangkok

    Toronto Seoulcialite Thai Air Asia

    Birthday blues, drinking bans, monsoon season, and all-you-can-eat health food, (and the world’s your oyster…)

    On August 6th (my 29th birthday for all those keeping track) I took a cab to Sports Complex Station in Seoul, the express subway to Gimpo, then crossed to the other side of the platform to catch the remaining distance to Incheon Airport.  The subway from Seoul to Incheon is ridiculously easy, as is the public transportation from Don Mueang (the smaller airport) into the city of Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Last weekend in Seoul, I had a kimchi quesadilla at Taco Bell....

    Last weekend in Seoul, I had a kimchi quesadilla at Taco Bell. It was so good! So. Good. 

    It was like little yummy bits of kimchi jjim (김치찜) in a cheesy quesadilla. Cheese + kimchi + tortilla = YAS! It’s unfortunate that this -and the Grilled Bulgogi Taco and Burrito which were also delicious- special menu item will probably only be available in South Korea. I feel like it could be successful in some U.S. cities, like LA or NYC, but it’ll probably never happen. 

  • How to Say ‘Girlfriend’ in Korean

    There are certain questions that you will hear a lot when in Korea. One of them is ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ Knowing how to say ‘girlfriend’ in Korean will help you a lot when talking about this topic. It can also help you let people know that you want a girlfriend, which could lead to those people helping you find the perfect woman!

    *Can’t read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 60 minutes!


  • Korean Cold Noodles – NAENG-MYEON (냉면)

    NAENG-MYEON (냉면) is Korean noodles that are served cold. It's completely normal to see large chunks of ice in your bowl. Because of this, it's a great meal for a hot summer day in Korea, or anywhere.

    The noodles are also a bit sweet. It comes with a variety of vegetables as toppings, such as cucumbers and radish, and an egg. There are also several types of 냉면 you can get in Korea, from the kind I'll eat in this video to spicier varieties. But they're all pretty good.

    And 냉면 is pretty inexpensive compared to other Korean foods. You could eat it once a week during the summer and never worry about your wallet (assuming you haven't already spent all of your money on Korean souvenirs). Check it out here~!

  • Seoul Food: Guilty Pleasure

    Where I come from, brunch isn’t so much a meal as it is an event.  When you go to brunch, you’re not grabbing a quick bite because you woke up too late to have breakfast, but can’t quite wait for lunch.  Brunch is an affair enjoyed at leisure with rich food and great company.  In fact, one might say that Brunch is my favourite guilty pleasure.

  • Escapade to Morocco

    Before I moved to Spain I promised myself that I would use my relocation as an opportunity to visit Morocco, over the Easter holiday I took this opportunity. Having been forced to adjust to a Spanish salary my trip was going to be in true traveller spirit, on a cheap budget, luxuries would only be found in the places and adventures that I would go on.


  • Culture Shock in Korea: What to Expect

    When you first visit a foreign country, everything is new and exciting. Even if you are moving to the country for work, rather than a vacation, the first month or so still feels like a vacation.

    Korea is no different; there are so many new experiences to try that every single day feels exciting at first. Whether it is having a Korean barbeque, or visiting a sauna, everything feels new and you think that coming to Korea was the best decision you ever made.

    Then one day, everything can change. Rather than excite you, all the little differences start to annoy you. You miss the comforts from back home, not to mention your friends and family. You start to suffer from culture shock in Korea.

    Here are the things to be aware of so you can be sure to have a great time in Korea!

  • Hipmunk Hotels: The Best Inns In Grand Forks, Duluth, Lansing & More

    This post was originally published on May 7th, 2016 by Lexi of They Get Around

    The Midwest is a great place to visit for a family holiday or short getaway. It’s known for its pretty natural scenery and an abundance of historic churches and art galleries — but there are plenty of hidden gems for you to find in the area.

    Cities such as Grand Forks, Duluth, and Lansing are great places to escape the crowds of the main tourist destinations. The best places to stay in cities like these are inns, which often don’t carry the price tag of luxury hotels and suites, but still offer great facilities and perks such as Wi-Fi and a complimentary breakfast.

    Here are some ideas for the best Inns in some of the lesser-known towns in the Midwest.

  • Dear Korea #146: Bon Appétit


    What’s portrayed in this comic is a little something a friend of mine likes to call “Restaurant Roulette”. Sometimes it goes well. Other times? Not so much. Having the help of smart phones and Google Translate has helped from time to time, but not so much in situations where I had no idea what I was trying to order. Seriously, try looking up “막창” and see if that’s something you would want to eat for dinner.

    Once again, I do apologize for the random delays in updates. Life has been…well, weird. I won’t bore anyone with details, but there are some big changes coming around my way, and some of them are not so great. I’ll do my best to keep putting out comics, especially since I have some big changes planned to make things a little more interesting for myself and (hopefully) for my readers.

    Stay cool out there!

  • A fair betrayal

    How well can you know someone? Can you tell what’s going on their head by taking a look at them? Can you guess what they actually feels about you? Or what they tell about you to others?

    There’s a saying in Bengali that, mute people doesn’t have enemies. Because your mouth is the one who always cause you trouble.  But sometimes it is others mouths that cause you trouble. Like I said, you don’t know what someone tells about you to others. And you don’t know either that ‘other person’s  reply’ either.

    Like when someone very close to you tell something nasty behind your back to someone who is also close to you, but the 2nd parson doesn’t let you know that either, then who is actually betrayed you?

    • The 1st person, who backbites you?


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