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  • Rachel’s Tiny Kitchen #1 – RICE COOKER CHICKEN WINGS!

    I have always enjoyed cooking, but boy did I take for granted my kitchen and oven in the States! Since moving to Korea I’ve had to adapt the way I cook completely. From having no counter space, to replacing ingredients with things available here, to trying to make delicious cakes in a small toaster oven, I’ve done it all! There have been a lot of failed experiments and total disasters in my tiny kitchen(stories I may have to share soon!), but along the way I’ve learned a lot about how to make your tiny kitchen as efficient as possible and still make delicious food!

  • Remembering Pat

    Busan has lost a good friend. Patrick Cole died on November 6, 2014.   To some, he was a willing listener and level-headed counselor to their drunken ramblings. To others, he was a friendly curmudgeon who could be biting and sweet in the same sentence. To everyone who got to know him, he is someone who touched our lives in a postive way. 

    There will be a memorial wake on Saturday, November 15 at Ol’55.  We will post  details here as soon as they are finalized. There are a lot of fond remembrances being shared on his Facebook page and in bars and homes around the city.  Please feel free to share stories and photos here as well.

    Patrick, you will be missed - with a few tears, a lot of smiles, and likely, quite a few 500cc lifted in your memory. 

    A few comments from Facebook...

    My heart is so heavy for the loss of this wonderful man who made Busan such a beautiful home for so many people.
    - Bee

    Busan has lost one of its best today. You were the king of the quick put down, but always spoke the truth and gave it to me and everyone else straight. Won't be the same without you here. You will be missed.

    Patrick was forever an advocate of making bad decisions, in the best way.
    - Alex

    We could talk each other's ears off or sit for 12 hours in silence. Patrick Cole I know you'd be pissed at me for cryin, so let's just chill in silence. I love you.
    - Kate were a wonderful, sweet man, with infinite patience for silly, drunk me on more occasions than I can count.
    - April

    Thank you for your friendship, your late night pep talks, and your generosity. You are loved and cherished by so many. Rest in peace, my friend.

    Pat was a great friend, with a great laugh, a great smile, a great ear, and a great big heart. I can't count the times he listened to me, offered sage advice, and made me giggle with his wry jokes.
    - Lindsay

    A great guy, a great friend, a lover of music, a teller of tales, an ear for those in need, and a great host for great times in Busan. You will be missed!

     You were a good friend, a great listener, and gave the best hugs in the world. You were a father to many, giving advice and settling disputes from your place behind the bar. Your Busan family will miss you dearly. Many tears will be shed and glasses will be raised in your honour. And I wish I could give you one more hug.

    We are going to miss you, Pat. Your generosity, pride, kindness, loyalty, and among many other things... that rapid fire laugh that made us feel like true comedians. I've never lost a friend before and you were one of the greatest. Your family here in Busan is going to miss you dearly. Rest in peace. Love you.


  • Sakhalin – You Are Not Forgotten

    Sakhalin Koreans, aka Сахалинские, корейцы or Корейцы, Сахалин

    By Sea of Japan Map.png: Chris 73 derivative work: Phoenix7777 (This file was derived from:  Sea of Japan Map.png) [CC-BY-SA-3.0],

    By Sea of Japan Map.png: Chris 73 derivative work: Phoenix7777 (This file was derived from: Sea of Japan Map.png) [CC-BY-SA-3.0],

    Off the east coast of Russia, Sakhalin island houses roughly 55,000 Koreans; this island has gone from being under the Empire of Japan, the Soviets, and now a federal semi-presidential republic Russia.

  • Expat Living- The Highs, The Lows, And Is It Worth It?

    If someone had told me 5 years ago, even 2 years ago, that I’d move to Korea, I’d have thought they were joking: I’m  a homebody with a close family and friends, and have never really had the ‘travelling bug’ tempting me to go out and explore the world. The thought of leaving everything behind would have seemed absurd, something only someone way more adventurous than me would do. Even when I did a TESOL course with the intention of going abroad, I always imagined going to Europe and making frequent trips home.

  • ‘Her Midnight Run, My Empathy’ in Busan Haps

    I have refreshed the essay a bit and it’s now appearing on Busan Haps’ website. Check it out!


    Note: She did not leave a note. That’s my handwriting.

  • The Coolest Ice Creams In Korea

    Koreans can be pretty creative and original when it comes to snacking, as I wrote about

  • Reflections from the Farm

    During the weekend of October 11-12th, 2014, members of the ISC’s KHEP (Korean History, Economics, and History Program) team traveled to Sangju in Gyeongsangbukdo for a weekend of volunteer farming work with 승곡농촌체험마을 (the Seunggok Farming Experience Village), an organic farming village. Throughout the weekend, members harvested pears, red peppers, perilla, and buckwheat, as well as conversed with members of the Korean Peasants League and the Korean Women Peasants Association. Below are their reflections on the weekend experience:

  • Saying Goodbye To Sugar


    There’s been a big change in nutritional advice over the past few years; while before, fatty foods were seen as the worst thing for your diet, evil options which instantly add inches to your waist and clog your arteries, nowadays it’s sugar which is viewed as the enemy. Things with a higher fat content like eggs are suddenly ‘superfoods’, and nutritionists are advising increased consumption of such foods, advising people to restrict their sugar intake instead.

  • Best of 2014 Photo Fest

    Do you have some great photos from the past  year lying  around in your computer memory or camera? Do have pictures that have really good stories behind them?  Koreabridge would love to help you share those images and stories with the world (and maybe help you win some prize money). 

    We are sponsoring an online exhibition of the best photos from the past year in Korea and we'd love to see your favorite Korea 2014 images AND hear some of the stories behind them.  This is a contest with real prizes, but also a community 'show and tell'.  All are welcome to share their photos.

    Quick Facts


    • Photos:  Any photo taken in 2014 in Korea.
    • Photostories:  Any photo taken in 2014 in Korea that is accompanied by a story 
      All images submitted will be entered in the 'photo' category of the contest.  Only images that are tagged as a 'photostory' will be entered in that category of the contest.

    PRIZES:  ₩300,000+  in cash and prizes

    Submission PeriodNovember 17 ~ December 31, 2014

    Galleries:   All Photos  *  Photo Stories  *  Slideshow

  • MICA Bids Farewell to Superstar K

    I could not watch the episode of Supertstar K6 last Friday, but the outpouring of negative reactions from Filipinos in South Korea that I have read on Facebook was enough for me to conclude that MICA was eliminated from the show. My first reaction was, “Why so soon?” I was expecting the group to stay a bit longer and at least make it to Top 3, but I suppose my husband was right. He told me from Day 1 of the live show that no matter how great the girls are as singers, they will most probably not win the contest because at some point, they will be asked to render Korean songs from which their elocution will be scrutinized by the judges.

  • A Taste of Home at Two Broz Burgers

    Seoul has most certainly come a long way in the past few years in terms of serving up tasty international cuisine. Burger aficionados, in particular, no longer have to suffer their way through bites of patties smothered in mystery sauce or trek across the capital in search of the real deal. There are a number of burger joints in Seoul nowadays, but perhaps the biggest concentration is in the multicultural district of Itaewon. Here, diners have endless options, but for those craving a no-nonsense, unpretentious burger before a night out on the town or a quick bite during lunch, Two Broz is a great option.

  • UFC – Ultimate Foreigner Competition (Ultimate Frisbee in Korea)

    What is Ultimate?

    Ultimate is a fast-paced team sport that combines the best of soccer and American football. The rules are simple:

    1. Catch the disc
    2. Stop running
    3. Throw the disc to another teammate
    4. Catch the disc in the endzone to score
    5. No physical contact allowed

    What is ROK-U?

    We are a co-ed ultimate league based in S. Korea with 24 teams from around the country. With nearly 400 players from all over the world, ROK-U is the place to meet interesting and active people in a fun action-filled environment. This is a beginners’ league so no prior experience is necessary! If you like to run and want to meet new friends then this league is for you. We have a spring season that runs from mid March to late May and a fall season from late September to mid November.


  • “Wish Ko Lang” Grants Wishes of Filipinos in Korea

    Last Saturday, “Wish Ko Lang”, a popular television program in the Philippines that features inspiring stories of ordinary Filipinos and grants their wishes, played fairy godmother in South Korea. The show granted the wish of a dedicated Filipina teacher from Bulacan to come to … Continue reading

  • Expat Longings

    No matter how much you love a country, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz was right when she said “There’s no place like home”. When you move away, you find new things you love, you make replacements and adjustments. But sometimes, you just want the real thing: a Mars Bar, some Nando’s chicken, your favourite magazine. And, most importantly, real English tea.

    Then, there are the things you don’t even realise you like about home, until you’re not there and can’t have them anymore: the smell of going to a petrol station, turning on the radio and actually understanding what the people are talking about.

  • LTW: Flexing Air Muscle, Elder Divorce, and K-Biz Environment

    1. National
    1) Leaders of North and South Korea flex air muscle
    South Korean president Park Geun-hye thumbed up at a ceremony to mark the first deployment of FA-50 fighter jets manufactured with Korea’s indigenous technologies. South Korea plans to produce 60 FA-50 jets to replace old F-5 fighters. Tit for tat, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un also visited an airbase, pushing buttons in a cockpit of Mig-29. The once warming relationship initiated by Kim’s top 3 cronies’ visit to South Korea a month ago is now cooling down rapidly over propaganda leaflets flown by balloons to North Korea, and the pictures of the two leaders in fighter jets were the testimony of cold Korean peninsula.

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