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Joshua Davies - On Presentations @ Busan KOTESOL Spring Symposium

42:07 minutes (19.28 MB)

Joshua Davies
Beyond Info Dump: Using Visuals to Create Interaction in the Classroom

Korea Business Central Interview - Didier Chenneveau

32:17 minutes (14.78 MB)

Korea Business CentralFrom Korea Business Central's Interview Series

Let's Talk Busan#103 - Korean News Media

56:02 minutes (38.47 MB)
Let's Talk Busan #103
February 7, 2010

Busan Profile: Busan Ilbo reporter and new producer of Let's Talk Busan, Lee Byung Chul
Panel Topic: New Media in Korea and Busan
Panelists: Peter DeMarco, Bobby McGill, Oh Jae Hee

Let's Talk Busan #100 - Racism in Korea

53:04 minutes (36.44 MB)
Let's Talk Busan#100
January 17, 2010

Racism in Korea, Global Leadership & Congrats on #100

Guests: Grace Ga, Rodney Hollingsworth,  Benson Kamari, Ife Afolayan , Lee Suk Jun
Host: Jeff Lebow

Let's Talk Busan#99 - The Travel Episode

52:23 minutes (35.97 MB)
Let's Talk Busan#99
Travel- International, Domestic, & Local
Peter Demarco -  Koreahow.com  Flickr Photos
June Jeong  - Pukyoung  National University Foreign Language School
Annabelle Murphy - As Marilyn
Jen Sotham -  Jen Performances

Host: Jeff Lebow

Let's Talk Busan 99 Guests

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