ARKPop - Top 100 KPop Songs of 2011

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After a brief hiatus we return just in time to kick off our end-of year shenanigans. Noelle and I planned to tackle the year 2011, which we could’ve sworn was as lengthy as two years what with the amount of major news and our own personal upheavals.


In this episode we decided that we would go over our favorite 100 singles of 2011. Now these are songs that were released as singles (digital or otherwise), were title tracks, had music videos or were performance songs in the year 2011.
And of course this is according to our own personal tastes, so your mileage may vary. This is by no means a definitive list, but we did think pretty hard about it. Amazingly we only had a 17 song overlap on an initial list of about 106 so I guess our tastes don’t line up as much as we thought. In the next few episodes we intend to finish up the list, which we hope will give you the opportunity to hear some artists you may not personally listen to and give you the chance to dig on them a bit.
We hope to finish up the Idol Singing Royale early in the new year.

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