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EXO' Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol revealed to have enrolled in Kyunghee Cyber University

Daily Kpop News - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 18:00

EXO' Suho, Baekhyun and Chanyeol revealed to be attending Kyunghe Cyber University.

The three member are said to be enrolled in Culture and Arts Department of Business Administration of the university.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol, who are the same age friends, were admitted into the same department in 2012. For Suho, he dropped out of Korea National University of Arts in 2009 and then transfered to Kyunghee Cyber University and enrolled at the same time as his two members.

Kyunghee Cyber University's Culture and Arts Department of Business Administration is a place to educate talents who will lead the cultural industry, and holds an experimental and professional curriculum and faculty.

An insider in the music industry explained,"In the case of popular and busy idol groups like EXO, it's difficult to handle both school and schedules, so they choose to study in cyber universities".
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Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 10 Recap and Screenshots – 비밀의 문 10회

Oh Kpop - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 17:48

By Dramabeans:

Princess Hyegyeong stands up to the king… in that she kneels before the king, prepared to supplicate until he either reopens the prince’s murder investigation or she dies, whichever comes first. More to the point, she has her toddler son, San (future King Jeongjo), wailing at her side. Under her relentless appeals and the mounting pressure, Yeongjo finally comes out to face them.

He softens (thank god) at the sight of his bawling grandson, picking him up and soothing his tears with the promise, “Your grandfather was wrong and will take care of everything, so stop crying.” Hyegyeong secures a further promise that Yeongjo will reopen the investigation, then allows herself a tiny smile of relief.


Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 10 Recap – 비밀의 문 10회

Yeongjo chides Hyegyeong against directly involving herself in the future; the mother of the nation should be aware of what’s going on, but only quietly. Hyegyeong replies that such a mother of the nation would be derelict in her duty if her limited perspective hindered her from helping the ruler in a fix. Good answer.

Teacher Park and Advisor Chae confer with Sun about the case from his prison cell. They’ve been trying to find witnesses to prove that the murders are a cover-up, but those witnesses keep disappearing. Sun says that they must find the mastermind.

Ji-dam asks Hyegyeong to let her meet with Advisor Chae, wanting to help with the investigation. Hyegyeong tells Ji-dam to let the court handle the investigation; all she need do is testify. But Ji-dam points out that her testimony wouldn’t be necessary if the tribunal were investigating successfully. Hyegyeong sees her point. 

Ji-dam is escorted to see the advisor and is allowed a visitation with the prince, who is relieved to see her safe and sound. She even laughingly suggests that this isn’t a bad learning experience for a future ruler, since criminals are his subjects too. She tries to hold back her worry until she’s out of sight, forcing a cheerful face in front of Sun.

Examination of Shadow’s corpse reveals the telltale signs of the assassin’s particular brand of torture. The lacerated fingertips point to an engraving blade, and Ji-dam recognizes it and guesses is the work of the vicious Kim Mu. His exact identity is unknown, but there are rumors that state that Kim Mu is the son of a retired gisaeng, so off they go in search of that woman.


Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 10 Recap 

That is in fact where Mu heads—to his now-uninhabited mother’s home. He recalls memories from a better time spent here, when his mother had looked quite happy with his father, Prime Minister Kim. He may have been born to the lowest class, but Mu seems to have enjoyed some comfort as a child.

There’s no time for nostalgia, as Teacher Park’s men arrive at that house moments later. Mu slips away unseen and the mother angle hits a dead end, so Ji-dam suggests that they look into Mu’s father. Ooh. Yes, do that.

The prime minister wants all his loose ends tied, so he orders the capture of Officer Min Woo-sub, the honest policeman whose testimony would contradict their cover-up. Assassins are dispatched to intercept him while Officer Min is being brought in for interrogation, but find their ambush foiled—somehow, officers were expecting them and came with backup.

This is the princess’s doing, and she had both anticipated the attack and circumvented it with a decoy. Tricksy. She deduces that the attempt to interfere proves that the bad guys need to cover up for their actions, and looks forward to the official interrogation tomorrow.

The conspirators realize they were tricked, and Yeongjo advises that there’s not much he can do for the Norons once the court interrogation opens. He suggests that Kim make a deal before it does—sacrifice the assassin in exchange for the document. Not that Prime Minister Kim is any more scrupulous than the king on the whole, but he doesn’t like the plan this time with his son on the line. He clenches his fist quietly.


Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 10 Screenshots – 비밀의 문 10회

The prime minister mulls over the choice all night long, barking at his crony when he urges him to get moving on that sacrifice/trade.

Yeongjo’s eunuch worries that this move would put the maengui document back into the hands of the Norons. Yeongjo reasons that it’s still better than either Sun or the Sorons getting it—the time has passed for them to seek the best or second-best: “Avoiding the worst is our answer.”

Prime Minister Kim doesn’t look ready to cave yet, though. He meets with Mu regarding the captive, Chul-joo, which results in Mu sharpening his torture knife. 

Our team only now learns of the blood tie between the prime minister and Mu, which provides another lead in where to search. Teacher Park returns home to find a “gift” left anonymously for him. It’s a box containing a severed hand (ack! Chul-joo!) and a note, which sends Teacher Park beelining for a meeting with Prime Minister Kim. No more dithering around: it’s time for a deal. Mu, in exchange for the document and Chul-joo’s life.

Prime Minister Kim agrees so easily that Park asks if he can really sacrifice his son. Kim says mildly, “To get that document, I could hand over even more.” Teacher Park can only say, “You are quite something, both you and the king.”

The Noron cronies make another deal: Minister Min presents the princess’s father, Hong Bong-han, with a letter informing him where he can arrest the murderer. Hong would get to claim credit, but there’s a quid pro quo, and Min wants certain records expunged. Gotta tie up loose ends.


Sun is shocked to hear of the relationship between the prime minister and the assassin, particularly at the implication that a father would order his son to be his hit man. It makes me sad every time he’s shocked at a father’s cruelty, but maybe it’s for the best that he keep his own faith for as long as possible.

Prime Minister Kim isn’t without a heart, limited though it may be, and hurries to give his son a warning before the authorities come to arrest him. He urges Mu to escape, saying that even if he wasn’t able to be a father in name to him, he wants to at least keep him alive.

He sends Mu off running with the entreaty to stay safe, just before officers burst in. They chase Mu through the woods, and despite a strong defensive showing, Mu gets shot down. 

So Mu is arrested and dragged through the village, where his father pretends not to notice. His capture fulfills the first part of the deal, so Teacher Park hands over the maengui, and Prime Minister Kim in turn points him in the direction of Chul-joo—alive, but badly injured. Also holding a bloody stump of a hand! *sob*

Sun is released from prison, and there’s a lovely moment when he steps out of his cell and is a little surprised, but in a pleasant way, to see Hyegyeong awaiting to hand him his dragon robes. She tells him he endured a lot, but he just says that it was nothing compared to the trouble she suffered, and this moment of understanding makes both Hyegyeong and his faithful court lady happy.


Korean SBS Drama Secret Door Episode 10 Screenshots

Hyegyeong even gives a lot of credit to Ji-dam and praises her hard work, looking quite pleased with her contribution. Sun thanks her with a special smile, and now Hyegyeong looks uneasy to see how glowingly Ji-dam receives it.

Now it occurs to Sun that Mu’s capture happened too easily. His suspicions flare when he’s told that the tip came from an anonymous informant.

Sun arrives at the tribunal for Mu’s interrogation, and Yeongjo greets him with the admonition that if he’d just put someone reliable in charge of the interrogation, he wouldn’t have had to suffer. Yeesh. Yeongjo is such a master manipulator that you think he almost believes the revisions he makes to history. 

Mu is brought in, and readily admits to the charges of murder. Asked for a reason, he states that he was given the order, but refuses to state whose orders they were. It’s almost amusing to me that everyone here knows that Prime Minister Kim was the one, but because these proceedings are primarily formalities, they’re bound by procedure.

We see in flashback that Prime Minister Kim had made arrangements to keep the questioning short. Since torture is a commonly applied method of interrogation, surely it wouldn’t be difficult to have an “accident.” And no doubt the sham of an interrogation would proceed just like that, with Yeongjo agreeing to torture right away, if only Sun weren’t here.


He speaks up and approaches Mu, directing him to reveal who he was working for. Sun crouches to meet him at eye level, explaining that he knows who that person is and saying indignantly, “One must not do this to one’s own son,” sparking a flicker of emotion across Mu’s face. Sun asks, “Is this something a person can do to another person?”

He advises Mu to think it over carefully, offering to spare his life if Mu reveals who it was. Everybody tenses as Mu speaks: “The person who ordered me to kill Kang Pil-jae [Shadow] is…”

But then, Prime Minister Kim interjects, “Me.” Omo. Is this for real? If this is another dream sequence fakeout, Imma throw something.

Mu looks up in shock as his father joins him on the straw mat, kneeling before the court. Prime Minister Kim reveals that Mu is his son, surprising more with his honesty than with the actual truth, and takes responsibility for all the crimes.

But that just spurs Mu to burst out that his father isn’t guilty, and that he’s only confessing out of paternal protectiveness. Aw, now this is sweet. Is it twisted to think that this sadistic criminal duo is the healthiest example of father-son kinship in this drama?

So then the court demands to know who the true mastermind was if not Daddy Dearest, and Mu gives a name: Chun Seung-se, a longtime associate of Shadow’s. Fyi, in case you’re keeping track of all the dead bodies in this drama, Chun is actually Shadow’s lackey who was killed by Shadow in an earlier episode. Convenient to pin the blame on a dead guy, though.

Sun smells bullshit, but Yeongjo is happy to call it a day and close this interrogation. Furthermore, Mu has cobbled together an alternate story that’s believable, or at least not easily refuted—that Chun ordered the hits on the artists, then ordered Shadow killed so he could monopolize the market. (But Shadow killed Chun first.)

Sun asks why Mu would carry out a hit when the client had already died, but Mu replies that he wanted the document. And that word has everyone on alert, and ministers demand to know where the document is now. Mu answers that Shadow never gave up the answer despite all the torture.

Even though he’s convinced this is false, there’s nowhere for Sun to take the interrogation. As Yeongjo and Sun return to the palace, Yeongjo talks lightly of the case, writing it off as some gang turf war that merits no further attention. He informs Sun that he’ll be handling the rest of the investigation; he argues that it’s improper for Sun to be involved since he was at one point a suspect. 

With difficulty, Sun agrees. He also agrees when his father tells him to stop working directly on cases like this and turn his attention to other matters of state.

But as his father turns away, a thought strikes Sun and he recalls the contents of the maengui. He asks sharply what the document is about that it would put lives on the line, and Yeongjo’s temper flares. He yells at Sun to let closed cases rest and orders him out.

Teacher Park has a lot to explain for when he comes empty-handed to his Soron colleagues, who furiously demand to know where the document is. They argue amongst themselves, but the hotheaded one who wants to take it public is silenced by the stern leader, who warns him of the ramifications.

Advisor Chae has seen the second page of the copied maengui containing signatures, but not the first page that has all the damning information. Now he asks Sun for the full explanation, having deduced that he’s being kept in the dark about something important. He guesses that the document that was mentioned at court today is the same document Heung-bok copied and left in the pages of Ji-dam’s novel.

Sun says that he’ll tell him everything once he’s more certain of the facts, just as he receives words that the court lady who stole his dagger has been apprehended. She’s beaten bloody and ordered to declare whose orders she was taking; she gives Shadow’s name, Kang Pil-jae. 

Crooked Officer Byun is similarly tortured and questioned about Pil-jae’s orders to kill Heung-bok and cover up the investigation. He knows he’s being caught as scapegoat to protect those at the top, but a direct threat to his family makes him sign the confession.

In light of the newest “revelations” about the case, War Minister Hong and Minister Min submit their resignations to the king, humbly accepting blame for not doing their jobs properly. (So the explanation is that they failed in their duties, rather than contributed to active corruption.) Yeongjo just dismisses the resignations and tells them to return to their posts, making up for their lapses by working harder. 

Minister Min sits his son, our idealistic good cop Min Woo-sub, down for a stern talk about not doing things that’ll make himself a target. The world is tougher than he thinks, Dad warns.

Sun reads the final report concluding the investigation, and has to grudgingly recognize that the cover-up is perfect. The bad guys have managed to absolve all of their players of criminal guilt and filled in all the gaps tighter than even a mystery novel.

Suddenly, he rises and makes his way to the prisons, going directly to Mu’s cell. He sits right down next to him and says that he was in Mu’s place directly before him, to which Mu shrugs that it’s his lot in life in having a cruel father. Sun replies, “I don’t think you’re in a position to tell me that.” No kidding, to an epic degree.

Sun asks what Mu knows of his father, and why he would perjure himself for him. He sees the flicker of emotion in Mu’s eyes and says that the eyes never lie, then urges him to tell the truth even now. Mu scoffs, asking if he means he should divulge that his father used him to further political ends, then abandoned him once he became useless. Sun is stunned, asking how he behaved as he did even knowing this.

Mu replies simply, “Because he’s my father.” Ack! Nooooo, that is a lesson I don’t want you teaching Sun!

Sun doesn’t buy it, and says that Mu killed numerous innocent people, all of whom were someone’s father or brother or son, and that he did it for a man who’s only concerned with saving his own neck. He’s not worth Mu’s heart-stirring sacrifice.

Sun entreats Mu to confess the truth, for the sake of those who died unjustly and those who may yet die in the future. Mu is unmoved, saying that no matter how the prince appeals to him, he’s still only got one answer. 

Incredulously, Sun asks, “Are you saying that ultimately you will choose to die for your father—in place of your father?” Mu says that he’ll be dying for his crimes, and the father part is just to take some memories with him. That is, after all, the man who openly claimed him as son despite the rest of the world fearing and shunning him. “If I did not have even those memories of that father, my road to the afterworld would be quite lonely, wouldn’t it?”

Sun leaves that encounter deep in thought, thinking to himself: “Father and son. Mother and child. Brother and sister. And friend. Through them, living is warm, but also at times contradictory.”


Sun has a cute play session with his son, baby San (Jeongjo), as a smiling Hyegyeong watches. He worries briefly that the baby seems warm and is suffering from the other night, but Hyegyeong assures him that he’s fine. Still, Sun requests that even if the same thing were to befall him in the future, or worse, he doesn’t want his son involved. The boy will be a prince one day, and as a prince he will be forced to endure many difficult things—and here Sun looks a bit choked up, thinking of his own life—and thus, he asks Hyegyeong that they not add to those troubles.

He adds that he’d like to delay the boy discovering that these difficult trials are his fate to endure, for as long as possible. Hyegyeong agrees, her protests quieted for now, and the father-son play session resumes.

Yeongjo mockingly asks whether Teacher Park is happy with the results, having decided to save one gangster instead of a critical document. Park answers, “What I wanted to save more than Na Chul-joo was Your Highness.”

He reminds the king that he’d said the document was for the good of the people, needed to protect and rule over them, but now Park knows that the people are no concern of Yeongjo’s. What he wants is to stay on his throne and be an absolute ruler—but that kind of power must be kept in check.

Yeongjo asks if that’s why he gave the document to the prime minister, so as to keep the king in check. Park answers, “It is better that a bad man checks your power than nobody.” He begs the king to check himself, because if he doesn’t, he’s well on his way to becoming a tyrant. Wow. Those are strong words, and I fear for Park—he means this in the best way possible, but Yeongjo is the furthest thing from a receptive listener.

As Mu is dragged to the town center for a public execution, Sun asks Advisor Chae about the possibility of Prime Minister Kim being the mastermind behind everything. If that’s true, then did he calculate his son’s sincerity into his plans?

Okay, I rescind anything positive I ever said about Prime Minister Kim’s fatherly affections. He shares the truth with his Noron cronies, who are shocked that he went with such an extreme plan—what if Mu surprised him by confessing the truth? The prime minister just says that the low-born are weak to affection.

Poor low-born scapegoat. As he awaits the executioner’s blade, he sees Chul-joo arriving at the edge of the crowd… and he has his hand still on? Wait. Was that a trick? Is there a secret trick stuck in here somewhere?!

Chul-joo sends a teary-eyed smile and waves at his old friend. Mu hopes that his truth wasn’t part of the calculation, and maybe that’s enough, that he retains his hope through the end. It’s his last thought before he’s cut down.

Sun wonders what it means to be a father and a son, replaying all the little moments we’ve seen between them, as Yeongjo offers him advice and guides him with small, affectionate gestures. He asks his advisor, though in a rhetorical way, “Do you have memories of your father. And if not, what memories do you wish you had?”

Sun returns to the library to continue his private investigation of the names signed on the maengui. He goes through the files, connecting the nicknames with their real owners, seeing that every name on the list is a Noron. Everyone but one, who he has been unidentified: Who is Juk-pa?

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Chanyeol, Doojoon, and Sunggyu Will Be “Music Bank” Host

Oh Kpop - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 17:46

In the upcoming event of KBS named “Music Bank”, the three idols EXO’s Chanyeol, BEAST’s Doojoon, and INFINITE’s Sunggyu will participate as MC of the event.

The representative of KBS has officially announced that, Chanyeol, Doojon and Sunggyu have been appointed to hosts of the upcoming “Music Bank”. These stars will lead the event along with the famous Mexico MC, Natalia Tellez.

Especially, “Music Bank” welcomed the participation of EXO-K, BEAST, INFINITE, B.A.P, BTS, Girl’s Day, Ailee, and many other artists from countries all over the world: Japan, France, Hong Kong, Chile, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil. This event is hoped to spread wider the heat of Korean Wave (hallyu).

Music Bank” will be kicked-off on October 30 the Arena Ciudad de Mexico located in Mexico’s capital, Mexico City.

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Girl”s Day”s Hyeri reveals people worried about Minah”s appearance on “1 vs. 100″

Oh Kpop - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 17:42

Girl”s Day”s Hyeri appeared on the October 21 installment of KBS 2TV“s “1 vs. 100” and talked about her fellow membe, Minah, who previously appeared on the show. Hyeri revealed how frightened the members and her company were at the thought of Minah being on a gaming show.

She said, “At the time Minah appeared on “1 vs. 100″, the company was in a state of panic.  What happened was that the members and fans were very worried. Our worries were founded. We saw the broadcast, and the problems she had to solve were extremely hard. Minah had no choice, but to show what we were worried about. For my appearance, I also worried I was going to be in big trouble.”

Check out clips of Hyeri on the show below!

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Block B Tells Their Sasaeng Fans Not to Disturb Their Private Life

Oh Kpop - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 17:32

It seemed that life of Block B has been disturbed as the fans constantly harassed their private life in dormitory.

Recently, on the personal Twitter account, Block B’s leader Zico has tweeted that, “Visiting our dorm, it’s scary. Please stop immediately. Drawing our attention and being publicly warned, do you feel accomplished by that?”

Meanwhile, Park Kyung also expressed his tired through these words, “I don’t know how you figure out where we live but two weeks ago, we were surprised to see graffiti on our door… Now, when we try to rest, there are people who keep buzzing or ringing our bell and running away… Please, I’m asking you.”

Jaehyo had a softer respond to the sasaeng fans’ action, “I’m thankful that you love us but this is really scary.”

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Doojoon, Sunggyu, Chanyeol to become MCs for “Music Bank in Mexico”

Oh Kpop - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 17:31

B2ST”s Doojoon, Infinite”s Sunggyu, EXO”s Chanyeol will be the MCs for “Music Bank in Mexico”.

On October 22nd, an official from KBS said that “Music Bank in Mexico” will be held at Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City on October 30th. Doojoon, Sunggyu and Chanyeol have been appointed as the MCs for the music show.

The line-up for “Music Bank in Mexico” includes B2ST, Infinite, Girl”s Day, EXO-K, B.A.P, BTS, Ailee and more.

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Doojoon, Sunggyu, Chanyeol to become MCs for 'Music Bank in Mexico'

Daily Kpop News - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 17:30

B2ST's Doojoon, Infinite's Sunggyu, EXO's Chanyeol will be the MCs for 'Music Bank in Mexico'.

On October 22nd, an official from KBS said that 'Music Bank in Mexico' will be held at Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City on October 30th. Doojoon, Sunggyu and Chanyeol have been appointed as the MCs for the music show.

The line-up for 'Music Bank in Mexico' includes B2ST, Infinite, Girl's Day, EXO-K, B.A.P, BTS, Ailee and more.
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Chanyeol, Doojoon, and Sunggyu Chosen as MCs for “Music Bank in Mexico”

Soompi - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 17:28

It has been announced that EXO’s Chanyeol, BEAST’s Doojoon, and INFINITE’s Sunggyu have been chosen as the MCs for KBS’ “Music Bank in Mexico!”

According to a KBS representative on October 22, Chanyeol, Doojoon, and Sunggyu will be hosting the upcoming “Music Bank” broadcast that will be opening up on October 30 at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico located in Mexico’s capital, Mexico City. These three idols will be MCing alongside a popular MC in Mexico, Natalia Tellez.

The amazing lineup for this concert, including EXO-K, BEAST, INFINITE, B.A.P, BTS, Girl’s Day, Ailee, and more, are preparing to heat up the stage for fans in Mexico.

Meanwhile, “Music Bank” has continued to spread the heat of K-Pop’s popularity through its ‘Music Bank World Tour,’ which has taken singers all around the world: Japan, France, Hong Kong, Chile, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, and more, starting in 2011.

Who will be attending “Music Bank in Mexico?”

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Super Junior Shows You “This Is Love” in Special Release MV

Soompi - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 17:18

Super Junior drops a music video for their special edition seventh studio album release!

The first music video released is for the track “This Is Love.” Fans can expect another music video for the track “Evanesce” later.

Super Junior planned these releases to show their thanks for fans’ passionate support and love for their seventh album.

The special edition drops October 23 on various online music stores. The offline sales start October 27.  Super Junior will be promoting the release starting this week through a comeback performance on “M!Countdown.” They will continue on with the other weekly music shows.

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YG Entertainment's new boy group iKON to debut in January next year

Daily Kpop News - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 17:00

iKON has been revealed to make their official debut next January!

On October 22nd, CEO Yang Hyun Suk said to Star News,"iKON will work on their album a little bit more after 'Mix & Match' ends and will make their official debut in January next year".

He continued,"In Winner's case, since they made their debut with an album instead of a single so it took them 10 months after the survival program 'WIN' ended last year to prepare for their debut last August. But for iKON, just like when 2NE1 first came out in the past, they will debut with a single and then will continue with numberous releases of new singles so their preparation time will be lesser than Winner".

He also added,"Because B.I, who is already a confirmed member of iKON, has been working on a lot of songs so that's the reason why the group can make their debut soon after 'Mix & Match' ends. After their debut in January next year, iKON will continue release as many singles as they can and will have a lot of domestic activites throughout the year".

Up until now, B.I, Bobby and Kim Jin Hwan have been confirmed as the members of iKON. The final match of 'Mix & Match' will be filmed today on October 22nd.

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EXO’s Suho, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun Revealed to Be Enrolled in Cyber College

Soompi - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 16:47

It has belatedly been made known that EXO members Suho, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol are enrolled in Kyung Hee Cyber University.

The three EXO members are currently taking classes for Culture and Arts Department of Business Administration.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol, who are the same age, were admitted into the cyber college during the 2012 academic year. It has also been confirmed that Suho withdrew from Korea National University of Arts—initially admitted in 2009—and is continuing his education at Kyung Hee Cyber University, after enrolling at the same time as his fellow group members.

The cyber university’s Culture and Arts Business Administration department educates students to be future leaders of the cultural business industry, and upholds experimental and professional curriculum in regard to cultural business as well.

An insider in the music industry explained, “In the case of popular and busy idol groups like EXO, it is difficult to juggle both school and their schedules, so they choose cyber colleges.”

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Han Ye Seul stuns everyone with her beauty in first still cuts from 'Birth of a Beauty'

Daily Kpop News - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 16:32

SBS's upcoming drama 'Birth of a Beauty' has unveiled first still cuts of Han Ye Seul.

The still cuts show Han Ye Seul confidently walking on the street and let everyone in awe with her upgraded beauty. According to the production crew, the actress had her first shooting on October 7th in front of a shopping mall in Incheon. Since she hasn't made her on-screen comeback for a long time so she was quite nervous during the shoot but still managed to wrap it up successfully.

'Birth of a Beauty' tells the story of Sa Ra whose life suddenly changes after going through plastic surgery and diet. It will be on air starting from November 1st at 9:55pm kst.
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ICON (No Min Woo) Profile

Daily Kpop News - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 16:30

Stage name: ICON
Real name: No Min Woo (노민우)
Birthday: May 29, 1986
Birth place: Japan
Height: 185cm
Weight: 63kg
Label: MJ Dreamsys
Occupation: Actor, singer dancer
Instruments: Piano, guitar, drums
Education: Inha University
Debut year: 2004

- He made his debut as the drummer (with the stage name Rose) in the rock band TRAX in 2004.
- In 2006, he left the band and briefly became a guitarist for The Romantist before it disbanded. 
- In 2009 he returned to the music scene as the leader of the project group 24/7, with Lee Jang Woo and Hyun Woo. They released the single 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.
- He became actor with many famous dramas like Pasta, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Full House Take 2
- He used to be in SM entertainment and Core Contents Media

His latest track:

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Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Opens Up about Being Alone

Soompi - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 16:26

Taeyeon, a member of Girls’ Generation and its sub-unit TaeTiSeo, shared her innermost thoughts on spending time alone on the latest episode of OnStyle’s reality show “The TaeTiSeo.”

In the episode, Taeyeon revealed her complex feelings, saying, “I dislike being alone. I feel like going out and having fun at times. But I still want to be by myself.”

Later on, she revealed her habit of relieving stress by going to the beach alone. When asked why she goes there by herself, Taeyeon explained, “Actually, wherever I go, I feel anxious. While I want to go out, there are so many people outside. At times, that makes me feel stressed.”

“As years pass, I unveil more and more about myself to the camera. That makes me feel slightly worried. I feel like I’m shrinking back,” she added, showing a more vulnerable side of herself.

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ZE:A Junyoung, "The Agency Asked Me To Pause My SNS Activities"

KPopStarz - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 16:14
Group ZE:A's member Junyoung said, "The agency asked me to refrain from SNS activities for a while."
Categories: Pop Culture

BEAST Gikwang With Doojoon, Horror Selfie 'Do I Look Like BEAST To You?'

KPopStarz - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 16:11
BEAST's members Lee Gikwang and Yoon Doojoon posted a scary picture.
Categories: Pop Culture

Jang Woo Hyuk, Shockingly Funny Selfie 'Boy Woo Hyuk'

KPopStarz - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 16:10
Singer Jang Woo Hyuk revealed a shocking self-camera photo.
Categories: Pop Culture

Rainbow Jaekyung Reveals Her Self Nail Art 'Beauty Goddess'

KPopStarz - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 16:09
Rainbow's member Jaekyung revealed the nails she did herself.
Categories: Pop Culture

Lee Teuk Clarifies With Fans, "I Always Considered My Communication With Fans Very Important"

KPopStarz - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 16:07
Super Junior's member Lee Teuk explained himself about the discussion that his attitude changed after coming back from the army.
Categories: Pop Culture

Tablo, "First Comeback Stage... I Was So Nervous"

KPopStarz - Wed, 10/22/2014 - 16:06
Group Epik High's member Tablo revealed how he felt during their first comeback stage.
Categories: Pop Culture
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