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Nothing's Really Real is a podcast based out of Busan, South Korea,
where we talk about art, music, comedy ... and anything else.

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  • (Ep 26) Mike Ventola and Tim Paugh

    Kelly is joined by Mike & Tim to talk about their new band, Tooth Núñez. Mike gets completely naked and talks about erectile disfunction. Tim says something that makes Kelly upset, they talk it out and make up. The boys play a new song, live on the podcast, and all in all, it's a pretty swell time. If you enjoy the show, please leave a rating on iTunes.

  • Best of 2017

    It's the best moments from 2017. John Durso joins Kelly as they review their favorite things that happened on the podcast last year. It's a lot of fun, and a good jump off point for first time listeners. Enjoy!

  • (Ep 24) Pat Sanders And Jenni Payne Of BETA

    Oh, hi folks. Happy New Year! It was the day after Christmas, and Kelvin was joined by Jenni Payne and Patrick Sanders, to talk about the newest play being presented by Busan English Theatre Association. Almost an Evening, a collection of plays written by Ethan Coen. Jenni is an actor in the production and Patrick is the director. We also have fun talking about things that will or won't be cool in 2018, being bullied, memories of regret, being punched in the eye and going blind for 3 months, our favorite spoilers from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, basketball buzzer sounds - and a whole lot more. Very fun stuff.

  • (Ep 23) LIVE! At HQ BAR - Nov 04, 2017

    The LIVE! show. It's chaotic, folks. Along with 5 return guests (Carlos Williams, John Durso, Min The Elephant, Gino Brann, and Sam Hazelton), Kelly interviews members of the audience and Busan community that makes this show possible. Live at HQ Bar on November 4th, 2017. We run the gauntlet that is the Nothing's Really Real format. Members of the audience answer 5 Questions, Would You Rathers, Shotgun beers, and tell their own Moments of Triumph and Memories of Regret. It's an entertaining evening - and hey, I hope you like it.

  • (Ep 22) What's Up, 2017. (Solo)

    This is a solo show to sort of explain where the podcast is at, and what's coming up for the rest of the year (2017). We've got a live show coming up on November 4th, Saturday, at 6PM at HQ Bar in Gwangan. I explain what we'll be doing with that show, and what I hope from the audience in terms of participation. I also talk a little about the year, and reflect on the first year of podcast - then I talk about the future a little bit. At the end of all that - I tell a solo memory of regret. Hey, I'm giving the solo show a shot and - lemme know if this is something you can handle or if it's just awful. Get at me! Thanks for your support over the year, see you at the live show, and see you next year. Tell you friends and hey - review the show on iTunes - give me a hot high five star review. I'd really appreciate it!

  • (Ep 21) Nick Hemsley w/ Chris Tharp

    Kelvin is joined by comedians Nick Hemsley and Chris Tharp. They talk about many comedy related subjects, like the difference between English and American humor, hecklers, bad rooms vs bad sets, and bombing. They also open the show with comments on Sasquatch and 9/11. Shotgunning beers, Lil' John, Memories of Regret, good times. This show has got it all. Subscribe on iTunes or your whatever your favorite podcasting app. If you like the show, please log into iTunes and leave a hot 5 star review and kind words.

  • (Ep 20) Part Time Cooks

    It's a big one. Part Time Cooks, Black Moss and Saul Goode come to the podcast to tell stories, share music, tell jokes, and rap live. Part Time Cooks are a rap duo based out of Seoul, South Korea. They have been together since 2014, and are preparing for the future in a lot of ways. Recently, joining the Vismajor crew, recording new music and celebrating fatherhood - we talk about it all. The boys share a song from the last album, 7:30, and they also share a never before heard, unreleased track, for their hardcore fans that have heard everything. They tell triumphant stories from their lives, and also memories of regret. They also determine through a process of elimination, what Part Time Cook's favorite rap album of all time is. I'm telling you folks, there are moments of this podcast that get really real.

  • (Ep 19) John Bocskay w/ Sam Hazelton

    Kelvin is joined by John Bocskay, author of the recently released book, Culture Shock: Korea. John talks about writing the book, what culture shock is, and why he is qualified to write about Korean culture to an audience of ex-pats and foreign travelers. Comedian, Sam Hazelton, is also a return guest and friend to the show. He joins to deepen his relationship with the listener and share his jokes and stories. We talk about times we've experienced culture shock, compare American to Korean police, Donald Trump and North Korea, memories of regret and moments of triumph, and John tells the most disgusting story he's ever heard. Sam also plays a game where he has us identify bird names and it proves to be a lot funnier than it sounds, guaranteed to be heard again on the greatest hits compilation.

  • (Ep 18) Stacy Austin

    Kelvin is joined by Stacy Austin, blogger, artist, customer service representative. Stacy is a very open and honest guest - as she shares some of the more emotional and frightening stories that have been heard on the show so far. She also tells a very gross story about relieving a stomach ache while traveling in Shanghai. It's totally yucky. Kelvin happens to share the story of his most heavy regret, the 110 mph acid trip. This episode is not one to miss. Enjoy. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcasting app. Also, please rate and review the show on iTunes, it would be really nice to hear what you think. Thanks.

  • (Ep 17) Rudy Tyburczy & Adam Palmeter

    It's a first! Kelvin is joined by two comedians for his first three-way episode. Rudy Tyburczy and Adam Palmeter are both stand up comics, and old friends of young Kelly Bean's. There are a lot of laughs, as hilarious stories are told. They talk about their best and worst shows, freestyle rap about cats, and talk about where they've been and where they're going. Both share moments of Triumph, and we get memories from both sides of the regretful gauntlet, one brutal and honest and the other ridiculous and embarrassing. It's a really great episode. Enjoy! Adam Palmeter is, as well as a comedian, a visual artist. If you'd like to view his work as you listen to the episode, visit Most of the music for this show was produced by Rob Chrisman. If you are interested in having Rob produce some music for you, visit his website at To find out more about what's happing in Busan and all around Korea, visit


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