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Nothing's Really Real is a podcast based out of Busan, South Korea,
where we talk about art, music, comedy ... and anything else.

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  • (Ep 18) Stacy Austin

    Kelvin is joined by Stacy Austin, blogger, artist, customer service representative. Stacy is a very open and honest guest - as she shares some of the more emotional and frightening stories that have been heard on the show so far. She also tells a very gross story about relieving a stomach ache while traveling in Shanghai. It's totally yucky. Kelvin happens to share the story of his most heavy regret, the 110 mph acid trip. This episode is not one to miss. Enjoy. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcasting app. Also, please rate and review the show on iTunes, it would be really nice to hear what you think. Thanks.

  • (Ep 17) Rudy Tyburczy & Adam Palmeter

    It's a first! Kelvin is joined by two comedians for his first three-way episode. Rudy Tyburczy and Adam Palmeter are both stand up comics, and old friends of young Kelly Bean's. There are a lot of laughs, as hilarious stories are told. They talk about their best and worst shows, freestyle rap about cats, and talk about where they've been and where they're going. Both share moments of Triumph, and we get memories from both sides of the regretful gauntlet, one brutal and honest and the other ridiculous and embarrassing. It's a really great episode. Enjoy! Adam Palmeter is, as well as a comedian, a visual artist. If you'd like to view his work as you listen to the episode, visit Most of the music for this show was produced by Rob Chrisman. If you are interested in having Rob produce some music for you, visit his website at To find out more about what's happing in Busan and all around Korea, visit

  • (Ep 16) Rob Chrisman pt. 2

    ROB'S BACK! Rob comes back on the show to tell a story about how he panicked underwater while scuba diving and almost drowned. He turns the tables and asks Kelly 5 questions. He shares a new song of his upcoming album, and performs another song live on the pod. Since its a special occasion, instead of a memory of regret, Kelly shares a funny moment of triumph story. We also get really drunk and this is one of the best podcasts of the year. If you're interested in having Rob make music for you for any reason, visit his website at If you want to read about things happening around Busan and the rest of Korea, visit

  • (Ep 14) Brian Aylward

    Ol' Kelly Boy invites comedian Brian Aylward to the pod while he is on his Rice Kimchi Laugh stand up tour in Korea. They joke about how everything sucks. How Brian started Stand Up Seoul and triggered the start of the English stand up comedy scene in Korea. He tells stories of nervously doing stand up in the jungles of Myanmar, getting choke slammed by a Backstreet Boy's security guard, being a hero, what's worse than eating hotdogs forever, and more! Kelvin shares one of his HEAVY regrets, and Brian shares a tale of triumph and another of regret. It's a good one folks!

  • (Ep 13) Mike Wheeler

    On this episode, Kelvin invites theater actor and radio host Mike Wheeler to promote Busan English Theatre Association (BETA), and their upcoming play, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Mike talks about the local theater scene in Busan and his own theater history, including directing his own play with BETA. The boys have an impersonation off and act out a scene from Pulp Fiction, they talk about crying on stage, getting heckled, drawing penises, Martin Scorsese, acne, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Mike also shares a memory of regret and a triumphant story from his life.

  • (Ep 12) Octopoulpe

    One man, French heavy metal band, Octopoulpe, joins Kelvin to talk about his music and his half naked, tentacled appearance. Octopoulpe talks about his friend Klaus Legal's penis, the most important album of his life, bald pride, trouble with the Serbian mafia, and the highs and lows of touring. He also shares a story of triumph and a memory of regret. Kelvin even shares one of his life's heaviest regrets on this episode - so don't miss it. Octopoulpe also shares two previously unreleased recordings from his upcoming new album. IT'S A GOOD ONE, FOLKS! This episode of Nothing's Really Real is dedicated to Gugus the Van.

  • (Ep 11) Mindy Sisco

    Mindy Sisco, yoga instructor at Kaizen Korea, invited ol' Kel-Kel to her yoga studio so he could see what the deal is with this whole yoga thing. Then he invited her to come be a guest on the pod and talk about it. They drink mezcal and scotch together. They talk about projectile vomiting and diarrhea, spitting in people's faces, meditation, sex, and holding in farts. I mean - yeah, it's a good time. Mindy, of course, shares a moment of triumph and memory of regret. Check it!

  • (Ep 10) Philip Brett

    Kelvin invites guest Philip Brett, creator of Angle Magazine and host of AMP: The Angle Magazine Podcast. They chat about the music and creative scene in the southern half of the peninsula and what drove Philip to start his own online publication. Philip talks about his philosophies for show promotion and what he's really in the promotional game for. Phil talks muppets, the best shows he's ever seen, and he also shares a Moment of Triumph and Memory of Regret. You can listen to AMP: The Angle Magazine podcast on mostly any podcasting app, or directly from the Angle Magazine website.

  • (Ep 09) Carlos Williams

    Poet, Carlos Williams joins ol' Kelly Bean to talk about poetry. Poetry? POETRY! They talk about the craft, and how Kelly is dumb and doesn't get it, and Carlos tells him that's okay. Carlos talks about growing up in Maine, the time his mother punched him, drinking as a teen, and 'getting butt'. They briefly discuss North Korea and how they ain't scared. Kelly also gets Carlos deep and personal about his dating life. Carlos shares some very interesting and funny poems of his own - and let me tell you, folks, we got a good episode out here. Nothing's Really Real is a podcast based out of Busan, South Korea, where we talk about art, music, comedy and anything else.

  • (Ep 08) John Durso

    Kelvin is joined by friend and comedian, John Durso. They talk about the time (the night before at the bar) when Kelvin got waterboarded. They get serious and talk about the last times they cried. John makes a huge mess of himself as he shows the world that he doesn't know how to shotgun a beer. They figure out what the best movie of all time is, share memories of regret, and John tells a personal tale of triumph. Nothing's Really Real is a podcast based out of Busan, South Korea, where we talk about art, music, comedy and anything else.


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