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Nothing's Really Real is a podcast based out of Busan, South Korea,
where we talk about art, music, comedy ... and anything else.

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  • (Ep 37) Jacky Ng

    "Yeah, I guess sex was kinda fun." - Jacky Ng Jacky is a fantastic comedian from Singapore, he's a student in Seoul right now, and he came down to Busan to feature in a comedy show, and join me as a guest on the ol' pod. Jacky answers my questions about all my preconceived notions I had about Singapore, such as chewing gum, being clean and getting caned. Jacky tells with detail the story of him recently losing his virginity. We talk about being cleaned up after by our mothers, the benefits of a porn hub premium account, and there's a lot of masturbation talk. I tell one of the dirtiest stories of my life. Some people won't like it. Hotdog - this is such a great episode. Follow Jacky on his instagram and twitter @jakachuuu If you enjoy the show - please leave a review on iTunes, or just tell a friend. Or tell me and I'll tell my friends.

  • Nothing's Really Real Podcast: (Ep 36) Gone Fishin'

    Nothing's Really Real is a podcast based out of Busan, South Korea, where we talk about art, music, comedy ... and anything else.

    On this episode, we take a fishing trip and a podcast and we make them one. Michael Flynn, from Kansas2Korea, is a freshwater fishing guide here in Busan. He took me out on his boat, and put me on one of the most memorable fish I've ever caught.

  • (Ep 35) Maia P. Sparkles

    Maia P. Sparkles is a budding new drag queen up in Seoul, and she is the creation of my friend Nick Holmes’s. 
 Nick and I get very personal, very quickly on this episode. Nick talks about what it was like realizing he was gay, and how that effected his relationship with God and his own family. But it’s not all heavy, friends! We then talk about the development of his queen persona, Maia P. Sparkles. We talk about penis tucking. We shotgun some delicious Galmegi beers, and talk about some of Nick’s thoughts on subjects that came up when I googled “Controversial issues in the drag community” – and Nick goes on to answer, in his opinion, the question: Who is drag for? We have some heavy and ridiculous memories of regret. One, is maybe one of the funniest that I’ve got in the ol’ bottle. Nick gets all heavy with his – and dang it – this is without a doubt one of my favorite episodes so far.

  • (Ep 33) Mother's Day

    It's a Mother's Day special! I call my mom and ask her 5 Questions - we have a nice conversation and you get to peek into my personal and family life. We talk a little bit about my awkward and violent teenage years. I love my mom, and I hope you like her too!

  • (Ep 32) Ro Campbell

    What a great episode. International Stand Up Comedian, Ro Campbell is an Australian comic, passing through Korea for his first time and doing a handful of shows around the peninsula. He is very funny, thoughtful and a wonderful story teller. 
 Ro came for a podcast and we go places, dear listeners. Ro tells stories about what led him to the international lifestyle. We talk nerves before shows, the international road gig lifestyle, and the lows that might make a comedian want to throw in the towel. 
Ro tells hilarious and interesting stories about being the local crew for major rock shows in Australia. And thanks to us shotgunning the deliciously strong Conan Double IPAs provided by our friends at Galmegi Brewery – things get a little heavy and personal. I’d write more, but I feel it’s too cheap and click-baity to even tease some of the places we go.
 Ro is a real one – he came to the show and opened himself up and we had some damn laughs while we did it.

  • (Ep 31) John Meyerriecks w/ Sam Hazelton

    It’s a crazy ride with the most popular expat in Busan, John Meyerriecks! Sam Hazelton also joins us, and we three get a little too drunk to keep it all together as we hear some serious stories from one another’s lives. 
John talks about how he was bullied (pretty badly) when he was in middle school, and shares another heavy story about suicide. From there we transfer into a very detailed discussion about how one another masturbates, and surprisingly – the three of us masturbate VERY differently. There are some funny stories in there and some great drunkenly told memories of regret. Also, peppered throughout the episode are brief segments where I met with Philip Brett of Angle Magazine, where we talk about and play music from acts that will be performing at the Big Day South festival on Saturday, April 28th. 
More info and tickets can be obtained through the Angle Magazine website.

  • (Ep 30) Grace LaFace

    Grace LaFace is "one talented bitch", who I was able to catch up with literally the day before she left Busan. She's an artist and we have a great conversation about her art, her life and our feelings. She tells stories of being a defendant on a daytime tv courtroom show, as well as being an extra on various movies and commercials. I tell a story about playing a Russian mafia member in a major Korean movie and how Rob Chrisman's bad acting got our scene cut. Grace also talks about being a store imagery specialist for the flagship Bass Pro shop in Missouri. She also whips out a ukulele, and sings a song she wrote. Then shit gets real! Grace breaks me down into talking about how I'm afraid of confrontation. She's right! WE HAD A BREAKTHROUGH, FOLKS. Also, for you regret horn-dogs, if you like heavy regrets ... this episode's got 'em! If you enjoy the podcast, GREAT! How can you help? Tell someone - I think that would be the best thing.

  • (Ep 29) Scotty Soul

    I spent the weekend up in Seoul, sleeping on Scotty Soul and Saul Goode’s couch. It’s Sunday, the morning after a great Part Time Cooks album release party. I sit down in Smash Palace with Scotty Soul (music producer from Durban, South Africa) and a portable audio recorder, we crack a couple tasty beverages and tell some great stories or triumph and regret. Lots of stories about growing up, dealing with cops, Scotty tells us a touching story about his skater days, and times that he turned up a little too much. 
 Scotty shares a few songs in the beginning and end of the pod, and we also play “Light It” from the Part Time Cook’s latest EP, produced by Scotty himself.
 Saul Goode is also with us for the beginning of the show, but he had to leave because bald is life or something.
 It’s a friggin’ good time. If you enjoy the show, subscribe on iTunes, or whatever app you use for podcasting - and if you really wanna do something meaningful, leave a kind review on iTunes.

  • (Ep 28) Noah Saunders

    Kelly is joined by writer and comedian Noah Saunders. Noah reflects on his time in Korea, and what he's got planned for back in the USA. He talks about when he had a rare disease called scrofula, and how Medieval disease are making a comeback in America. We also talk about bi-polar disorder and a little bit of what it is like to live with. We have a very interesting conversation about both those subjects, however, we also have plenty of stupid conversation as well. For example, Noah tells us about the time when he was a kid and he kissed Bridget Vanderhorn, the most popular girl in the seventh grade. And I tell a fun story about how my older brother bounced a golfball off a little kid's head a waterpark. Great times! If you enjoy the show, please take a moment to leave a comment and review on iTunes - or tell a friend about it. That'd be nice.

  • (Ep 27) Sean O'Gorman

    Kelly is joined by spoken word artist, Sean O'Gorman. Sean talks about and shares his work, as well as shotguns beers and tells memories of regret. We talk about how the olympics are NBD, tell funny stories about being teachers and share our favorite poems by Shel Silverstein. Sean also tells a story about when he had to clean up a bunch of hobo pee. What a swell time! If you enjoy the podcast, GREAT! How can you help? Tell someone - I think that would be the best thing. If you have a friend that you think might enjoy the show, suggest it. Then we'll make a fan group and we'll call ourselves 'Nothing's Really Realers' and we'll all get matching tattoos. Wakanda Forever!


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